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Which of these wipes is best & greenest?

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We mostly use cloth wipes but we do use some disposables. We've been using unscented Nature Babycare for awhile now but I don't particularly like them. They have a weird off smell. I'll continue to use them if they are the greenest disposable option though.

Can anyone weigh in on the relative "green merits" of the following ingredient lists from other greener wipes products.

These are new:

Also new:

Have you tried anything else and liked it?
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Check out that link!! It is wonderful! It rates everything in the wipes and color codes the best wipes! Check out the other sections in that link as well.
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Oh, I use cloth wipes at home and Tushie wipes & Seventh generation when we are out and about. I love the Tushie wipes!! Seventh generation has a weird smell to them too!
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I'm not sure about the green merits, as I don't see it on the site, but the Earth's Best wipes are very soft, odorless, decent size, and clean well. I don't use them often though as I usually use plain water. I really like them though.

I don't care the Seventh Generation either (as stated by PP). To me they seemed small, thin, and not moist enough. I wouldn't buy them again.
Thanks. I didn't realize they had wipes rated.

Earth's Best and 7th Gen are not biodegrable or compostable so they don't make my list. I actually like 7th Gen the best.

Originally Posted by JudiAU View Post
Thanks. I didn't realize they had wipes rated.

Earth's Best and 7th Gen are not biodegrable or compostable so they don't make my list. I actually like 7th Gen the best.
Are you composting them yourself? You probably already know this but, unless you are doing it yourself or your city service accepts wipes in the compost, then they are probably not getting composted regardless of the brand. This is the major reason why we switched to a cloth diaper service with the "combo" option that includes composting service.
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we use 7th gen b/c they have them at the grocery store where we get groceries. they seem a little more available. they work fine for us.
I couldn't find a home-compostable wipe I liked. I looked, hard. The best biodegradable wipe I've found I like are the Nature Babycare unscented wipes. Strong enough, big enough, no scent and no rash on my son, my husband or myself (and we all have eczema - my husband's is most prominent on his hands.)

Here's the SkinDeep page on them:
We can't compost at home and yes, I know to a certain extent it is a matter of green-washing if you don't have an approved facility. But I still prefer to buy a product that is compostable or biodegradable *in theory* because I want to support the market. I also think that there is some possibility of biogegrading in the landfill vs. NO CHANCE with a petroleum/rayon product. I am not even sure how it would work since they have poop on them. Would you need to wash them with dipes and then add them to the compost pile. It boggles my mind.

Either way, it seems like I am doing the best I can do with the Nature BabyCare. Thanks all.

Plus, hee hee, my order will get will Amazon Mom Prime for three months. These are included in the 30% Subscribe and Save option.
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