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Which one of you DDDDC'd me?

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No one is fessing up on my thread in TAO and it keeps getting bumped off the first page.

By the title I know its one of you W&Pers.

You made my day and totally cracked me up!

Thank you!
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So I take it its not you Librarymom?

I'm thinking Joyce in the Mts.
Come on! Someone did it!

I need to know so I can lavish you with my undying love!
'Twas not me.


Joyce in the mts.
Levismom? Tiredx2? Marge? Abimommy? Chicagomom?


Ah well... I love you all anyway.
oh it was abimommy!!! It has to be, she has been DDDDC crazy lately!

Nope. Still trying to figure out how this darned keyboard-thingy works.
Arduina, you're looking a bit suspicious

Could it be.... YOU?
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It wasn't me I swear!!

The mods just went on a rampage because of the deviant posting in TAO.
We didn't edit what anyone said (well..we did edit each other's posts) but we *did* DDDDC most of the posters to that thread. :LOL
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