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Which sort of elastic................

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Hi ladies,
I have been busy making a fair few pairs of woolen 3/4 longies!!
I am now wondering what the best option for elastic would be.
I seem to think I heard people shying away from poly braid ,in relation to lanolin........
But the lastin I can get over here is very narrow,so I cannot use that for tummies.
One thought I did have was,I managed to grab lots of button hole elastic recently,and thought,A it would be adjustableand B I could whip it out totally every month or so when i need to do lanolin treatments to the garments!

I would really like to hear what you all do !

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Some people will raise the issue of buttons being a safety hazard. Honestly, I personally wouldn't worry about it but that is me.
Sounds like the buttonhole elastic would meet a lot of your needs.
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I use swimsuit elastic in mine, which is cotton-covered rubber. No problems so far. I like the adjustable idea of button-hole elastic, but I will say that my older boys don't like how it sticks out of the waistband holes and rub them.
I think a well sewn on button a newborn is fine too!!!!!

We cannot seem to get swin suit elastic here.
I have looked and looked and asked lots of different haberdashers.

In terms of button elastic I was planning on having the button on the outside of the garment,so as not to rub,plus it would be easier to adjust on the baby!

My eight year old is really skinny,and he always grumbles about button elastic too!!!!!!!!
I think buttons on a newborn are fine too, like they have the capacity to pull it off and put it in their mouth!

I thought I would mention though that I have found that my son outgrows his longies in length before the waist elastic is too small, even when I add a few extra inches to the inseam. We didn't use them until he was about 5 months old though, just soakers through the summer months.

He will be two in less than a month. *sniff, sniff*
Hmm,I have sort of made three quarter longies,just from a baby sewing pattern,I got this organic wool interlock from E bay and it sews up really well,so I plan,to make some shorts too from it!(From wool!)

One of those really handy little patterns for trousers with no side seam,where the front and back of each leg is one piece,they have come out wonderfully,I just cannot wait to have this baby now to try all these things out!!!

Thanks for advice!
I love the one piece pants patterns, they whip up in no time. I think some 3/4 length pants will be great for cooler days and air-conditioning. What is the weather like where you live? Summers where I live are hot and humid.

I was referring more to that the pants might be too small before you have a chance to re-button the elastic. In case I wasn't clear.
It is not very good her summer wise,typical british summers wet and then very hot in turn,not humid at all.
okay... I didn't know that you weren't supposed to use polybraid elastic in wool!

I have several pair of longies that we've used since around oct and lanolized with abandon. No problems with the elastic that I can see. It still works just fine. I just got cheap elastic... maybe an inch wide and really I have NO problems. I haven't done anything special with it. We're just about to outgrow all our longies and the elastic has never needed to be loosened. She's outgrowing the rise more than anything (I added extra length to the legs so those are fine) I made them big on purpose to get lots of wear out of them.

Really though... I wouldn't worry about it. I think it would be a gigantic pain in the neck to have to rethread the elastic every time I lanolized my wool. Maybe it would make a difference if I was planning on using the longies for more than one child but even then, I see NO difference in the elastic now compared to when I first made the longies.
Well it's a bit like the can of worms regarding FOE on wool covers!!Tee Hee!
I had heard,well read rather that polybraid would be a disaster in terms of use with wool,but to be honest this is my last baby,the fact too is I am not selling them and if at the end of the day they get yukky with the elastic i can always replace the elastic,right?

I have today just put regular elastic in them,I just thought ,especially with the newborn stage they will not fit for long and it can be an experiment!

Such a rebel!!!
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