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Which wool under clothes?

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What wool does your babe wear under clothes? I don't like a really bulky rear unless we're at home with no clothes so I'm looking for trim fitting covers for my super soaker. Do you use soakers under clothes?
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First Class baby and Patchwork Pixie, they are SO trim
My Warm heart woolies, my ebay tinker soaker and my Baa Baa Shee Shee are all trim enough to wear under clothes.

Our FMBG and Little Caboose cover both work well under clothes! They are each 2-layer felted jersey.
like someone else said, FCB and PP covers are both super trim. I don't find they work well under heavy wetting conditions, but if you have a light to medium wetter these are DEFINITELY a good way to go

My SP's are the trimmest that we have for DD. I can even put jeans on her with these covers.

For DS his Kiwi is probably the most trim we have.
I have had very good success with wool under clothes. I would say I have a medium-to-heavy wetter, and we use snappi'd prefolds which I think helps contribute to the trimness. I have a Simon's Custom Cloth 2-layer merino wrap that is trim beyond description (almost too trim, lol, they run SMALL). He could wear that thing under a wetsuit! I also have a Holy Sheep soaker that is very trim.
the only wool we have that actually fits under clothing is the RB WIO size 1, and a biobottoms (barely). The RB size 1 is so small on him now the only thing that fits in it is the snapin contour, or an infant prefold folded in quarters or bikini twisted on (he's quickly getting to chubby for that tho!)

For the most part wool and tshirts is what he wears right now, the rare times we actually dress the kid I usually put an AIO on him.
I think soakers fit better under clothes than covers (e.g. jersey with snaps). They don't have elastic so there's not bulk from gathering, and there is also no overlap from where the snaps meet. I have a heavy wetter, and as long as the diaper has a doubler, we've spent 4 hours in town on one diaper without any leaking.
I would suggest Fuzeasyand Cuddlewool from Little Fishy.
I have a wonderful fmbg ss wool cover and my fuzbaby is trim too

I also started rethinking pant size lol! :LOL :LOL :LOL
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I put soakers under rompers and I love my fuzbomb for under shorts and pants.
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