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Which yogurt helps with possible yeast ?

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my boy had been on continous antibiotics for ear infections and he had diherea from it so finally after his antibiotics is over you would assume his rashy butt would go away because you assume it's from the diherea but it isn't going away .
So do any of you put yogurt of any kind on the butt and would breast milk help with the 'rash ?
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Yogurt does not have enough probiotic to help with yeast. You need to use an anti-fungal to treat the yeast and you should give your son an oral probiotic supplement. My son has a very stubborn case of internal yeast and we have used oral nystatin in the past but now I am using oral diflucan suspension. I am also giving my son intestinex (probiotic supplement) I dissolve the probiotic in a little water and have him drink it. For my son's anus I dilute 5 drops of Citricidal Grapfruit Seed Extract in about 5 oz of water. I squeeze a cottonball-full of the solution on his butt-hole ever time it potty him (every diaper change). This solution has been the ONLY thing that has worked for his butt yeast, after about 2-3 days the rash started to disappear. The doctor says to keep using this solution until there is absolutely no rash.

Breast milk will make yeast worse b/c yeast lives on sugars.
Our very holistic MD (pedi) told me that yogurt is not nearly enough. A child with NO yeast (so I'd assume a child with yeast problems would need more) needs to have a probiotic around 10 billion a day (while yogurt only has around 1 million).
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