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I have a question: (maybe this belongs in the diapering forum actually, or ec....?)<br><br>
anyhow--our current area rug in the living room has been peed on like 874 times. At least. We've been really lucky and it's never been too stinky, and twice I've borrowed my parent's steam cleaner for added insurance. We'd like to replace it in the next year or so and I'm thinking about wool. (this one is viscose--man made silk. Yuck. But it is super silky.) It seems like wool would be a great choice with another baby on the way, what with it's miraculous self-cleaning capabilities and all. Or is that largely due to the lanolin which I wouldn't be spraying on my rugs the way I do diaper covers.<br><br>
???? Thoughts?<br><br>
Also--Ikea rugs are really that good of quality? Go figure!
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