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My almost 3 year old son wakes up almost every morning and from almost every nap with a siren whine, which goes on sometimes for more than an hour, whining and complaining, kicking and hitting.<br><br>
He usually wants to nurse, but even if I nurse him for half an hour or more, the whining starts up as soon as I stop. Nursing him is not a good solution for me.<br><br>
He usually feels better if he eats or drinks some food/juice, but he resists this, often throwing the food or cup.<br><br>
He also whines throughout the day, which also drives us mad. He whines, asking for things that we would happily give him, there's no need to whine. "oooooh, can I have some juiiiiice? aaaaaarrrrrrrr!" he has never been denied a drink, i don't know why he feels he must whine for it.<br><br>
He's intense, and ignoring his whining doesn't work. He escalates until he's panting, hysterical, and destroying the house if I ignore him.<br><br>
I've tried to combat it with holding, nursing, giving him attention, but if I do this, it almost seems to encourage it. the whining starts up the minute I stop holding or nursing him, to cook a meal or use the bathroom.<br><br>
Any suggestions?
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