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whiny nurser

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I am just wondering if anyone has experienced something similar. My 22 month old dd has always been a great nurser, bad eater. However, the last month or so she has begun to whine incessantly to nurse, and she doesn't want to stop. I could have nursed her for over an hour, and she will still cry when I stop. She wants to nurse 24/7, and it's not because she's hungry or thirsty. Is this a phase? Is she feeling insecure about something? any ideas?
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could it be possible that you are pregnant? My DD did that when I became pregnant with her baby sister - before I even knew I was pregnant.
She has also been like that when I was feeling extra stress, when she was teething or going through a growth spurt or major developmental change, when my supply dropped because of AF, etc...

I wish I could say it's a phase, but at three years, DD throws big fits when she wants to nurse instead of just whining...
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No, not pregnant. I wish! I was hoping she would go back to normal, but we are at a month and counting.
My dd is also 22 months and we have had some of the super whinies at our house, though not everyday. I think its teething those second year molars, because if we give her pain relievers, like a dose of baby motrin, she is once more my happy child. I feel weird advocating medication here
: and I kind of feel guilty that she has had a lot (well, by my standards, like 1-2 doses a day at most) of Motrin and Tylonol. But when she gets really obviously distressed, I feel like I have to do something, and I don't want to let her nurse ALL day. I'm just not that good.
So you're not the only one. I have also found popsicles (ones with real juice, fruit or yogurt) to be a great option too. It distracts her and I think the cold helps her gums feel better.
hope this helps.

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