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Who doesn't mind toilet dunking?

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We only have prefolds and a few fitteds, and lately it seems that Anna poops every hour, lol. I don't really mind dunking and swishing her diapers in the toilet, and there always is a dry corner to hang on to. I've seen everyone rave about the mini showers, but they are so expensive and Anna is my last child, so I just cannot justify spending the money when dunking doesn't bother me.

Is it different when you are having to dunk AIO's? I have a couple used ones coming soon.
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I'm not really at the dunking stage yet - I've had to dunk a couple of prefolds, but not her aios yet. All of mine have removable soakers though so I'm not seeing it as an issue. I haven't bought a mini shower for the same reason as you. I'm not positive Jessica is our last, but it's pretty likely. Once we have more frequent dunk times, I may change my mind though.
Dunking AIO's is just as easy as prefolds. We don't mind dunking, but I did just order one of the mini showers I found for $20. This is our 1st, so I figure it will get used plenty. Dunking has never bothered me, but I figured the shower would be nice.
We're just past the dunking stage - we had a year & a half of sticky toddler poops, and I just dunked 'em. Never bothered least not enough to shell out for a mini-shower! I just use the diaper pail lid as a "transport tray" from the toilet to the pail, so I don't get drips everywhere.
Well I sit ryans poopy dipes in the toliet then i use the shower spray to spray them off.... I don't have a mini shower..........
I dunk and it doesn't bother me. It did a little bit at first, but I've gotten used to it. I've had a mini shower for a month now and it's still in the box.
: If it didn't require some plumbing configurations, I'd do it myself.
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I use the disposable/flushable liners, but sometimes they don't catch it all and I will have to dunk. It used to bother me when I first started cd'ing, but now it is no big deal.
dunking doesn't bother me. Of course, I rarely need to, but I changed my brothers' cloth when they were little and I babysat for a cloth diapering mama when I was 15. it wasn't a big deal and isn't now - to me
Do any of you dunking mamas use the rice paper liners? I'm wondering if they are worth the $$...not that they are that expensive, but I am that cheap, lol.
Nah - I don't bother with liners. It always seemed like when they were really needed, the poop would miss or completely overwhelm the liner, and I'd have to dunk anyway! And then you'd waste all the ones put into diapers that only got wet...
I dunk all the time! Except lately.. this new "way of eating" I am on makes me gag sometimes (cause my body is in shock right now) .. I think I need a mini shower!
I dunk swish get and ring out diapers by hand in our toliet and it doesn't bother me at all, however having something "left over" in the washer makes me physically ill.

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I was going to ask this same question today!! I do dunk and use the cloth wipe to clean the diaper before depositing it into the pail. I have a removeable shower head now but never use it. It doesn't bother me one bit. I also get grossed out my a "leftover" in the washer though!!
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I don't mind-heck, I dunk/swirl until they are free of debris-then I wring em out LOL. I wash my hands afterwards anyway-why not

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I'm a dunker and it doesn't bother me one bit. I have two in cloth so I am dunking at least 3 times a day and it has never bothered me. I dunk/swirl/flush until all the hanging on poop is gone and then pick it up and put it in the pail. I keep lots of soap near the bathroom sink and just wash afterwards. It just doesn't phase me.
I am a former dunker. I never minded till the peanut butter poo happened. No amount of dunking helped that. I would dunk, flush, swish, dunk and it wouldn't touch it.
I don't mind dunking. I just use toilet paper for the tough stuff.

DH on the other hand.
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I also have a pair of rubber gloves by the toliet that i put on before i dunk and spray..... Way less stink and staining........
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I dont mind dunking, the only thing I dont like is having to go up the stairs to do it.
Now I just do the roll off method, because my ds doesnt really need them swished anymore, and dd isnt at that stage yet.
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I always dunked also. I could never justify purchasing the mini shower but I did get one for SIL. She has 1 yr old twins and has only used the mini shower a handful of times.
When I first started cd'ing I also bought a bunch of the liners. IMO they almost defeated part of the reason for the cloth, they were rough and crinkly and paper on her bottom. I also found that after the first day or 2 I started forgetting to use them and finally just put them up and later just gave them away.
The only difference with dunking AIO's was I would let them sit on the edge of the toilet and drip for a little while before putting them in the pail. They soak up a lot of water and I didn't want the nasty toilet water sitting in the dry pail.
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