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Who else is lovin Charlie's soap?

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I love this stuff! We used to use baking soda and vinegar on the prefolds, but started having issues when we moved and no longer had a front loader. So, I decided to get some Charlie's soap. My diapers (and clothes) are HAPPY! I have been using it for about 2 months and they are clean. No buildup, no stripping, no funk. Plus, I still have 1/2 gallon left! Just thought I would share with those that are having "issues".
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Good to know! I've been thinking about ordering some once I've finished up a box of biokleen (on clothes); been using simple green and washing soda on the dipes. It would be nice to have one detergent for everything and Charlie's is cheaper than biokleen.

So did you get the liquid? I was thinking of getting the powder. I wonder if there's much difference?
I had been thinking about getting some Charlies, but I just bought a whole thing of Allens Naturally. Guess I'll use that up first. Does Charlies leave your dipes really soft?
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I like the Charlie's fine on clothing and such, but dipes, well, still stink after a wash with Charlie's. I've got the powder and a front loader. I was pretty disappointed to say the least. I hate to be a party-pooper...
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Hmmm- must have something to do with hard/soft water or mineral content.
I have the liquid. I don't know that it leaves them soft... just clean. I use dryer balls and that helps alot though. I was having to strip very often before I bought it. I also bought this neat little pump with it that pumps a pre-measured amount.
Pretty much any detergent can be used in a front loader. You just use less. I think it even says it is ok for front loaders.
OK, I got thinking after I replied my dissent earlier. I *was* using All F/C for my dipes, and developed stink. Then I used Charlies hoping it would remove the stink, and it didn't. So I went with the Simple Green and Washing Soda combo detailed on this forum, stink gone. So now that I have stink-less dipes, I should give the Charlie's a whirl again. I just washed dipes today, so I will have to report back to you in a few days.

*cue Mission Impossible music*
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It seems that my stink was NOT from the Charlies cleaning effectively. It was simply leftover funk from my use of All F &C. I switched to the WS/SG method, and was happy with that, and my dipes are stink free. So I tried the Charlies on my previously stink free dips, and they turned out..... Stink free! So Yes! I'm a believer!

BTW, I have well water, and use a Front loading maytag neptune.
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