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Who else is short of breath?

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Man, just in the past few days I am really losing my breath! Sometimes I kind of feel like I can't get enough oxygen in. I didn't notice it as much last time; probably because I wasn't running around after a toddler! I need this baby to drop so I can catch my breath.

Anyone else?
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Sometimes when I am out of breath, I up the Floradix and the extra iron helps. At this stage, it's worse for we short girls. 5'2" doesn't leave much extra for baby and lungs.
I get short of breath at night when I am laying down-especially when I try to roll over. During the day it hasn't been so bad lately since he has dropped. I am a little on the short side too-but have a long torso so I can imagine it must be really hard when you are shorter with a smaller torso!

but walking and talking at the sametime can still make me out of breath-I have learned not to walk and talk while I am on the phone I will get dizzy!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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