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Who else loves this smell?

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11 month old DS and I played at the park today. We came home and he played in the grass while I took down the laundry. Then we sat together in the grass and sunshine and watched the farmer across the road till his field in a big tractor. It was about 82 degrees here today- pretty warm for April!

DS is drinking his bedtime bottle of EBM and falling asleep in my lap. He smells so good! It almost makes me want to cry. It's kind of a mix of sunshine, dirt, sweat, and a milk smell. I hope that we have many more days like this and I hope that I'll always remember this delicious little boy smell!
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awwwww!! *tear*
I was just thinking that of ds today! He smelled like sunshine. Yummy!
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I saw the title and just had to see what you were talking about..

But I know just what you mean. It's the sweetest smell in the whole world.. I was just thinking that yesterday when dd was in my lap. Of course, that moment didn't last long because the little busy bee was off to play with something, but it was sweet
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Oh lord it's like crack. I can't get enough! I'll be so sad when ds doesn't have that smell anymore.
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