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Who from the coming october swap wanted

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The Gaiam AM PM yoga tapes. I wote it down cause I had it but when I went back over the swap list I couldn't find it. Am I crazy or did someone have this in their ISO list, did you still want it?
LMK< Candese
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IT WAS ME!!!! hehehehe!

I just bought them off ebay yesterday though & I took them off my ISO list. I got them for 6 dollars ppd. AMAZING!

THANK YOU Jeca!!!!!!!!!!!
Ack, Rachelle! You could have waited for me! Anyone else want them? I got another Gaiam set and love it so this one doesn't get used.
Ooo, I'll take 'em!! I can't take ds to yoga class anymore, so I definitely need some yoga videos or tapes. I asked for Yoga Journal, but I think Gaiam is the same thing. Please pick me for the swap! Thanks
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