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Who had c-sections?

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Call this morbid curiosity I guess....but, of those of us who were planning on delivering vaginally, who else besides me got sliced?

This was my third section...I was planning on a HBA2C with a Midwife. Water broke at home at 9:40pm on 3/9. 2am on 3/10 I knew something wasn't right. 6am finally got to hospital. 7:15am our precious daughter was finally born. I wouldn't have ruptured if the nerds in L&D had been communicating properly instead of wandering around for 30 minutes trying to figure who was on first.
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section here as well...this was my 4th section....was planning a home water birth..didnt happen for a slew of reasons.

I had a cesarian birth. I had really hoped to go naturally, but in the end, it was the little guy's welfare that made the decision a no brainer. I also kept in the back of my head one thing that our doula had told us. That women like myself, who are control freaks, tend to get post partum depression more when their birth doesn't go as they failed or something. The last few weeks of my pregnancy, I kept in mind that I might possibly end up having a cesarian, so I was mentally o.k. with it when it did happen.
sectioed here too due to low fluid levels. this is my first.
Another first-timer with a section due to low fluid levels (as well as a stubbornly breech baby).

Looking forward to an HBAC next time!
I was planning a birth center water birth, and my babies came two months early, which meant I had them in a hospital. I did end up with a c-section for the second baby, but the first baby was born vaginally and unmedicated, so I met my goal with one,at least. Still kind of bummed out about not having it the way I wanted, though.

The second baby came via c-section because it had been 6 hours since the first was born, and she was still up high in my uterus. Also, the first baby's placenta had never come out, so I think that was a problem, too.
C-section here, too. My third, thus evening up the score for natural versus c-sections in my personal birthing history.

Since my son ended up having spina bifida, it's actually good that he was born via c-section versus vaginally, but I still hated having it done. The recovery is so much easier after a vaginal birth.
Hello! I was due in April but my Bella was born by c-section at the end of March, just a few weeks early. I ended up with the section because I'm a bit of a wuss.
: I just had this overwhelming fear that my labor was going to become too painful for me to deal with, and I was very very tired so I asked for a c-section (my first daughter, BooBah, was born by emergency c-section for prolapsed cord) and they obliged.
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After what I've went through if I had it to do over again I would have had a section at 36 weeks. My daughter being permanently damaged is SOOOOOOOOOOO not worth trying for a vaginal delivery, ESPECIALLY after a dehisence. I'm the second woman in 4 months to rupture trying a VBA2C after a dehisence. Personally, that is two too many. One was too many! She lost her baby.

The Doctor called yesterday and said the x-rays possibly showed that her sutures are prematurely closing. This can happen with Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE). The HIE was caused by Sever Birth Asphyxia from my uterus rupturing. She has an appointment tomorrow with a neurologist and hopefully will have another CT to see what is really going on. She's been doing so good this better not turn out to be Craniosynostosis. As if worrying about her vision, mobility, and learning isn't enough, we now have to worry that her skull is trying to compress her brain.

Sorry for the vent... bad day today.
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Oh Alison, I'm so sorry to hear that!
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