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who has a copy of Hale's?

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can you see if Imitrex is okay for a nursing mother or not?
SIL is newly pg and is worried about her migraines coming back after the baby is born. said something about pumping and having a bunch of milk in storage so that if she needs to she can take a pill and not nurse for a few days. that worried me, so i thought i'd find out if there are any migraine meds that are safe for nursing moms on her behalf.
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OK, not hale's, but kellymom's site says imitrex is aap approved. She's got a page dedicated to migraine meds...

Hale lists Imitrex as "L3" which means "Moderately Safe."
My midwives OK'd Imitrex for nursing, but NOT for during pregnancy. Which was a total bummer, because I had migraines every day to every other day during pregnancy, and I've had maybe 5 total since ds was born 14 months ago.

Migraines suck.
thanks ladies! good to know.
Just fyi, I also have a copy of Hale's, so if somebody has a question in the future, I'm open to PM's or emails. That book has been a lifesaver for me!
Another FYI. Has your SIL seen a chiropractor? Many people get relief from migraines when they get their spines (esp neck vertebra) adjusted. I go to a chiro, and he tell me stories, and there are a couple dozen letters on the wall from recent satisfied customers. One came in and got rid of her migraines and even her allergies cleared up, which was a bonus.

One woman got rid of her narcolepsy. One woman got rid of irritable bowel syndrome. Etc, etc. Disturbances in nerve function due to the nerves being pinched when the vertabrae are out of alignment can affect any organ or gland in the body. I would rather treat the cause than mask the symptoms, myself.
i've suggested chiropractic several times over the years but the ILs are all dismissive of it. i did tell her that if she gets pretty far along and the baby is breech that chiropractic can help turn it and she was surprised to hear that.
at this point, she has to do what her dh's insurance will cover. they are in rather a bizarre financial situation because of his employer transferring him to a craphole area, ao they have 2 mortgages and she's unemployed, so i don't think she'd spend the $ to see a DC unless they were covered by insurance.
anyway, thanks for all the replies. i really want to see her succeed at nursing despite her migraines and the fact that she'll be working (probably) at 6-8 weeks postpartum.
so whatever information i can get to her that will help her is a boon.
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PT is often covered by insurance when a chiro is not.

My SIL ended up in the hospital when she was 7 months pregnant after a 5 day migrane.

The doc finally sent her to physical therapy which ended the migranes within 3 visits. She hasn't had one since and that was in June/July.

I think some people who are resistant to a chiropractor might view physical therapy differently.
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