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Who has done just infant 4x8x4 and premium 4x8x4 and been happy (without 4x6x4's)?

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I've been changing the stash to be mostly prefolds, and have lots of 4x8x4 infant and premium prefolds. I'm not going to get any premie prefolds or 4x6x4 infants because I tend to have large babies (between 8 1/2 lb and 10 3/4 lb so far!) and because I do have some newborn fitteds I made that should fit early-on if the baby is small.

But what about the regulars (4x6x4)? I've asked this before but figured I'd get more opinions while I have the paypal. I really want to get the stash all done and stop having to think about it so much!
The premiums are so much bigger than the infants.

If you've only used 4x8x4's and been happy with this, let me know.

If you've used the regulars 4x6x4 in-between infants and premiums, how long did your baby use this size?

I already have 12 premiums which I trimmed, so I was thinking about getting 1 dozen regulars so I have plenty for the in-between stage. But I don't want to have stacks and stacks of diapers if they really aren't necessary, KWIM?

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Me! Me!
I bought 2doz 4x8x4 infants and DD wore those up to about 15lbs. She actually could have worn them a bit longer just trifolded. I Snappi everything.
Anyway, when those got small we went and got 2doz premium 4x8x4. I have to fold them down in the back about 4-5inches but I do love them and they work great for her. Once again I Snappi all of it.

ETA: DD actualy was born a month early and couldn't wear the dipes until about 4wks. They were a bit big at first but those little kidlets grow so fast, I never saw the point in buying dipes for each step of the way. I really got a lot of wear out of those PFs!
That's what I was hoping.

and correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't most regulars the same dimensions as premiums, just less layers? So you'd still have to fold the regular anyway, right? It might be a little less bulky but still has to be folded for a while.

I'll see what some others say, but I'm thinking right now I will probably use the paypal for cute covers and more premiums!
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Me too! My 8 to 8 1/2lbs babies have fit just fine into the infant 4x8x4s without being too bulky. I fold down the excess in the back, and it makes for a nice trim fit. I usually pin but sometimes snappi too. Trifolding is the bulkiest way to use them, imo. I had a few infant 4x6x4s with my last baby, and honestly I couldn't tell much difference in the fit, bulkiness wise, but I could sure tell a difference in the absorbency. I very much prefer the absorbency of the 4x8x4s and know now not to waste time/money on the 4x6x4s and especially the preemies. Mine became burp rags real quick.
I forgot to mention about the regulars that are in between infants and premiums. For us, it's worked out just fine to go straight to premiums from the infants. I used regulars with my 5th for a short time but ended up having to switch to premiums for absorbency reasons. The regulars I had were just a tad wider but a little shorter than the premiums, which made them fit kind of weird imo. That could've just been a variation in the different brand of prefolds, though. With my last baby I just went straight to premiums from infants and they fit fine.
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