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Who has had success with this program?

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Who's done "Body for Life for Women"? I am part way through with the book. It all makes sense. No crazy diets. Eat sensibly, watch portions, EXERCISE. I lack motivation. That is my problem...But this approach seems doable. I just need to fit the exercise time in. I was wondering if any of you have had good results with this plan.
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what?!?! nobody has ever done "Fit for Life for Women"?
I don't know how different the Fit for Life for Women is from the old general Body for Life but I did the weight training pertion of that in conjunction with the Atkins diet and it got me in great shape in no time. I'm actually about to start my postpartum workout routine again and I will probably do the same thing (though this time with more cardio because for some mysterious reason, all of a sudden I *want* to run).
In any case, I really liked the paperwork because it made everything very clear. I never went to the gym without knowing exactly what weights I would use and how long it would take. It was extremely efficient and I really liked it. The diet certainly seemed reasonable enough but I didn't follow it.
Hi. Noticed your post was almost a month old...but still wanted to reply. I've been doing Body for Life for about 4 weeks now and have recently modified it using more of the B4L for women approach. I've found that I really like this program. Going into week 5 has been harder on the eating aspect. I am having cravings for JUNK.... Just a little background...I have never liked excersing and this program has really changed that for me. I really like the way workouts are very specific and you can track your progress (on paper that is). I have not skipped a day of working out....that says alot for someone like me. Also, the food actually tastes very good and is easy to prepare. I'm not crazy about the use of splenda or fat free cheese, but overall I've been okay with the food. I got the Eating for Life cookbook and it's really good. You can also find good recipes on the website.
I have a hard time with portions bc I like to eat
but so far the whole program has worked really well for me. My DH is also doing it and he really likes it alot. I see more results in him than in me but I just read a post about the point in a program where you are building muscle and not yet to the serious fat burning stage. I was glad to read the thread bc it gave me just the encouragement I needed. Good luck to you if you decide to give it a try. I really do like the program. Feel free to pm me if you have questions.
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