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Who has handpainted/hand dyed t-shirts for summer time??

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I'm looking for a wahm that sells cute t-shirts to show off diapers this summer. I found some really cute onesies but really want t-shirts in a newborn/small size. Possibly something similar to what luxe baby sells - but obtainable :LOL What about little dresses that are hand dyed / painted / stamped?
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Originally Posted by mom to 3 boys
is spam OK??
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I have a very cute one for Muffin from Peace, Love, Prefolds on Hyenacart
See less See more has really cute tie-dyed and dip-dyed items (onesies, shirts, rompers, dresses, and capri sets). In fact, my DD is modeling one of the dip dyed things!
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: I didn't think of coming here! I went and posted at Life w/a Babe! I am getting some custom shorts made and I want an oc tee dyed to match and the one of the floral embellishments on the front, I think. TDD is closed for customs and the turnaround time will be the end of summer.
I meant to get something from Cotton Pickin Creations but she's moving and closed.

I might have to have the shorts shipped to the WAHM to match it?

Elliebelly is niiiiiiiiice!
Naturekins! She's done hats for me and some wool doublers! She's great! I need to contact her!
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while spam to the orginal poster is okay, it is not okay on the boards.
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I love Peace love prefolds. SHe doesnt have anything in stock but I get the cutest set from her. Very beutiful works
There are tie die setr at The stocking is tomorrow at 3, eastern, but I think those might be taken down an hour before I cant remember.....
oops i was wrong they are not availble until tomorrow at 3. eastern
they are cute though
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