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who has the cheapest prefolds

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once you factor in shipping? i wanna get some for my sis. am planning on doing a diaper cake for her, but dont have much $
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oh, and also a couple of cheap covers....

spam is welcome. i have an "iso" posted at the tp already.
I bought mine a few weeks ago, and I spent TONS of time comparison shopping to find the best deal. I ended up going with Bum Wrap. She offers price matching, and has a flat rate $3.85 shipping & free shipping over $75. I think she might have a discount code too, but I don't remember for sure.
no such thing as local in my neck of the woods.
I would also go with Bum Wrap - I think she even has a sale going on right now.
I second Colleen is great, she usually has low, low prices and the $3.95 flat rate shipping is awsome!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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