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Who are our upcoming new mamas?<br><br>
Are your stashes ready? What are you starting with? What do you still have to buy? What do you wish you could buy?<br><br>
I need to live vicariously through you all till I can have another newborn!!!! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="wink1">

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Well... it's 12:13 AM on 5/19, so my edd (5/18) has now officially come and gone and baby's not here yet. I don't expect to give birth for at least a few more days, possibly even a week or more (mother intuition, that's all), so I don't know if I'll be the NEXT one with a newborn, but I'm certainly in the front of the line of new mamas to be! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile"><br><br>
My stash is pretty well set... not the most elaborate, but one of my many reasons for cd'ing the economics of it, so I've resisting getting carried away.<br><br>
12 Kissaluvs, size 0 (colors!)<br>
24 UBCPF, infant 4x8x4<br>
1 RB FLAG (hemp), size 1<br>
2 Snapiwrap covers, NB<br>
2 Polar Babies covers, NB<br>
1 Sugarpeas wool cover, NB<br>
2 Honeyboys AIO, NB<br>
1 Angelwrap AIO, NB or small... I can't recall right now<br>
5 Fuzzi Bunz w/inserts, small<br>
3 Bummis SWW covers, small<br>
3 Prorap Classic covers, small<br><br>
I have some pins but need to get some snappis (I think I'll order those right after I post this). Other than that, I think I'm all set.<br><br>
I would love to be able to have more of everything, but money is tight, and she will outgrow so much of this so quickly, so I'm trying to save in order to buy up on larger sizes later. I figure once I know what I really like, and she's in a size that will last her more than a couple of months, I can go ahead and spend more money on some cuter stuff. Right now, I'm going for function, with a little bit of experimental fun thrown in mix.<br><br>
HOWEVER, if anyone sees any major gaps in my stash, please let me know! Is there some must have that I am totally missing out on???<br><br>

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Your stash looks great to me<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="wink1"> You had more then I my daughter is 4 months and she still fits into the couple small Fuzzi Bunz we have. I was going to say Snappis (get at least two b/c guaranteed one will go The only other thing I can think of is cloth wipes maybe? It's so easy when you're using cloth to use cloth wipes.. with disposable wipes I never know where to put<br><br>
Awesome stash! Quick and Easy labor vibes sent your way!!!<br><br>
Crystal<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile">

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Oh yeah... I forgot the wipes! I actually am starting out with 2-3 dozen baby wash clothes that I'll use as wipes. I figure if I like them, I'll just continue using them. If not, then I can experiment with some of the nicer/fancier wipes later, once money isn't so tight. It's so expensive to get everything for the new baby at once, ya know?<br><br>
And I just ordered 3 snappis. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile"><br><br>
Thanks for the thumbs up on my stash... I did a lot of research and I really feel like it paid off! I actually feel preparred for this baby's arrival!<br><img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="love"><br><br>

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Oh I get to live through you as well <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile"> Your stash looks GREAT! Glad you got 3 snappi's. I have about 5 and I started with 12 :LOL They seem to fly away when you aren't looking.<br><br>
Labor vibes mama!!

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Well we're planning on TTC in about a year, so I'd say I'm planning on CDing LAST out of everyone! I still have a new Liz Cloth size 1, a FMBG Size small, and 20 hemp prefolds in an infant size (but without the extra rise, they're square and 2 layer--perfect for a newbie)--all for next babe!

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I'm due Aug 1st and have just started my stash. So far I have (well, I've ordered)<br><br>
12 infant ubcpf plus snappies<br>
3 bummis covers (1 w/ frogs <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile"> )<br>
12 small hemp fitteds<br>
3 wool covers<br>
6 fitteds of different prints and materials<br>
1 fb (to see if I like it before putting in lots of money for them)<br>
I think I still need more though. It just doesn't look like enough.

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We would like to have another baby soon, and I will DEFINETELY be CDing my newborn!! I never tried it though - I even postponed CDing my third child until the 4th month because I got too overwhelmed with the options I read about when expecting him.<br>
My sister is going to CD her newborn, and I am putting a stash together for her. I so far bought:<br><br>
24 Infant Indian Prefolds<br>
4 NB covers (2 stacinators, 1 Bumkin, 1 wool wrap)<br>
2 SM covers (1 stacinator, 1 wool)<br><br>
After reading some of the posts, I am starting to think I should have only bought "just-throw-in-the-machine" kind of covers. The NB is soooo hard to catch, so maybe it is easier to just throw the covers in the machine... On the other hand, I don't like most of the easy care covers...<br>
Another problem is the never ending questions of whether preemie/NB diapers and coversd will ever be needed or whether the SM diapers/covers would be too big on a newborn...<br><br>
Looking forward to readin what the othe posters have to say

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I'm due in about a month or so and have completed my stash. Perhaps over-completed is a more appropriate word. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="innocent"> Anyway, as a newbie poster but (as you may be able to tell by my list), long time lurker, this is my first "stash" post. I got a pretty wide variety of stuff because I thought I'd try diapers out and then know better what works for us by the time we get to the longer term medium stash.<br>
Here goes...<br>
4 nanipoos nb<br>
12 Kissaluvs sz 0, 4 colors, 8 pastel surging,<br>
5 sellin threads Newborn<br>
1 nb Hidden Pearl Creations<br>
2 FCB size 0 prints<br>
3 FCB size 0 hemp<br>
1 angel wraps fleece x-small<br>
3 Starbunz<br>
1 sz 0 dyed hemp Little Caboose<br>
1 nb tykie diaper Hemp<br>
1 nb/ sm hemp kindhearted woman fitted<br>
4 premie prefolds<br>
2 fuzzibunz x-small<br>
nb covers<br>
4 nb prowrap<br>
2 little caboose size 0 wool jersey<br>
2 nb tykie wool jersey<br>
1 nb soaker<br>
1 nb wool stacinator<br><br>
Then in the smalls I have another 20 fitteds, 10 Pockets<br>
and 13 small or sz 1 covers. Gulp... did I just say that out loud?

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Ok, wow, Renegade...I think I better get to work!! <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile"> That is quite the stash!<br>
My babe's not coming til August, (well it's not supposed to anyway) and so far I have<br>
3 Kissaluvs 0s<br>
7 MJ's Sherpa Smalls<br>
2 KHW smalls<br>
1 Liz's Cloth<br>
2 random WAHM fitteds<br>
1 Snapdragon<br>
5 UBCPFs<br>
4 FBs<br>
1 Bummis SIWW<br>
1 Polar Babies cover<br>
2 Proraps<br>
3 Wool soakers<br><br>
...and i'm on the hunt for more khws!!!

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I'm right there with ya mamameg! (good to see ya here, btw <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile"> ). My first edd was the 17th and the one we've been going by is Sat, 22nd. I can't even remember my newborn/small stashes anymore, but here's a good sampling/approximation:<br><br>
15 premie pf's<br>
24 infant pf's<br>
15 kissaluv 0's<br>
one liz's size one<br>
one newborn poochies<br>
one fcb size one<br>
about 5 sugarpeas size ones<br>
4 or 5 cuddlebuns one size<br>
4 sugarplumbaby smalls<br>
6 wonderoos one size<br>
1 small fb<br>
tons of doublers, folders, smjae inserts, etc<br>
more wipes than I can count<br>
3 prorap nb covers<br>
1 fmbg nb pul cover<br>
some random gerber, dappi, etc nb covers<br>
2 or 3 nb wool covers and soakers<br>
I think it was 4 small soakers<br>
one pr small soaker shorts<br>
2 or 3 small wool covers<br>
2 one size cuddlewool covers<br>
3 small motherease covers (rikki and airflow)

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I'm due in January of next year, but have already started building my stash for the nb. This is what I have already:<br>
4 NB Little Lambs<br>
6 OS Little Lambs<br>
4 MD Little Lambs.<br>
I am planning on getting some prefolds or flats, a couple of snappis and some proraps seconds for the very beginning. I have never CD a newborn. We started at around 6 weeks with fitteds. I just don't want to spend the money on fitteds since I know how quickly they grow out of them.<br><br>

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i have 4 more weeks... until i meet my new baby girl.<br><br>
our stash is pretty much complete. most of it i made myself, so it is boring to list, but some things were gifts or purchases that i love and cherish.<br><br>
12 ubcpf (i dyed some of these <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile"> )<br>
36 newborn fitteds in hemp and organic cotton.<br>
24 small fitteds " "<br>
1 snap in hemp diaper, want to make more of these...<br>
1 german tyeing nappy in the smallest size<br>
many hemp doublers.<br><br>
eta: small fuz squash purefuz!<br><br>
50 wipes to add to our huge family stash<br><br>
2 pairs of soft wool pants in newborn size<br>
2 newborn knitted soakers<br>
7 nb wool covers<br>
3 small wool covers<br><br>
(in the mail, best gift *ever*) 1 marigolden fuzbomb in newborn!!!!!!!!!!!<br><br>
i want to make a dozen or more snap ins for wool covers. we are camping soon after my due date (i am due june 17th and were camping july9th) and we also have other trips planned this summer. We need a whole lot of cloth.<br><br>

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I'll be cloth diapering a newborn this November/December. I'm only 12 weeks so I have a while yet. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="wink1"><br><br>
I have:<br>
2 Kissaluvs (0)<br>
1 Kissaluvs (1)<br>
2 Puddlecatchers one-size<br>
1 Red-Snap one-size<br>
1 Lukes Draws OSW<br>
6 Fuzzi Bunz (Small)<br>
36 infant cpfs<br>
6 newborn proraps<br>
18 extra wipes (DS is still using diapers/wipes too)<br>
I think that's it!

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I'm due next tuesday 5/25. I can't remember my stash something like this<br><br>
16 xsmall fuzzibunz<br>
5 nb proraps<br>
6 kissaluvs<br>
14 newborn fitteds (made by me)<br>
5 wool covers (made by me some embroidered)<br>
2 printed covers<br>
13 small happy heinies<br>
36 preemie prefolds<br>
24 infant prefolds<br>
various new small covers such as mother ease, bummis, etc.<br><br>
30 wipes<br>
ah I don't know what else, hopefully it will work, if not I'll make more of whatever it is I prefer. Probably need more covers

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It's my first child (due 6/29), so I've taken the "sampler" approach to building a small newborn stash before ordering cartfulls of fluff! I've got a half dozen Kissaluv fitteds, a dozen infant and nb prefolds, a few Loveybums fitteds, and as for covers, I'm trying out mostly prowraps, but I've ordered a microfleece cover and a wool cover as well. I'll be doing a lot of laundry until I decide if there's a particular system I prefer <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile">

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I've got another month or so to go (EDD June 29th)<br><br>
I have:<br><br>
24 kissaluv 0s colors<br>
5 Fireflies (small)<br>
2 RB FLAM (newborn)<br>
1 Berrypatch x-small<br>
2 bottombumpers (small)<br>
2 sugarbums (small)<br>
7 SOS<br>
6 infant cpf<br>
1 sugarbums (medium)<br>
12 "kissanots" 1s<br><br>
For covers I have:<br><br>
5 proraps (newborn)<br>
1 RB wool (newborn)<br>
1 LTK longies (newborn)<br>
3 Sugarpeas wool (small)<br>
2 kiwipie cashmere (small)<br>
1 fuzbaby blue skies cover (medium)<br>
1 sugarbums (medium)<br><br>
Other stuff:<br><br>
2 starbunz aio (small)<br>
3 fuzzibunz (small)<br>
2 RB wool shell sets (size 1)<br>
1 fuzbaby squash set (medium)<br><br>
and about 20 wipes... I need more, but I think I'll just make them myself.

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OK I KNOW that I am clealy not next because I'm not even preggo yet (well at least not that I know of but keep those fingers crossed for me - I'm in the 2WW now). Still I've started a stash...<br><br>
24 medium Loveybums are in the works (I tend to have big babies so hoping I can go right to the mediums which are 9-22 pounds)<br>
1 newborn fitted dipe off eBay - sorry can't remember the name of the woman that made it but it's really cute, has a jungle print on it<br><br>

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I'm due in about a month -- so not next, but coming up soon!<br><br>
I've got, in newborn sizes:<br>
15 kissaluvs 0 (8 colored)<br>
6 nanipoos<br>
1 FCB 0<br>
1 LC 0<br>
2 little lambs AIO<br>
1 FMBG nb AIO<br>
1 small fuzzibunz<br>
1 small knickernappies<br>
About 10 fitteds in small/onesize, to be used later<br><br>
6 newborn diaperaps<br>
2 Bummis SIWW<br>
2 Bummis WP<br>
3 small wool covers (sugarpeas, fuzeasy, kiwi pie)<br>
1 HB&C newborn soaker<br>
Some medium covers, mostly wool -- I've, uh, been buying ahead.<br><br>
I keep telling myself I'm done -- that I at least need to figure out what I like before buying more! But then I'll get excited about something and whoosh! More fluffymail. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="innocent">
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