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Who is planning to cloth diaper?

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This is our first child so I am not sure what brand is best. I have been looking into fuzzibunz and they seem to be very easy to use (esp. since I'm new to this!) and you don't need to buy a cover since the outside of the diaper is waterproof. Anyone have any good or bad experiences with this brand or another?

Thank you!

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I think there was a thread on cloth diapering in this DDC early on. As far as Fuzzibunz go, I love them. We only have a few which we use at night. I wouldn't start out with them though - they are pricey and newborns grow FAST! I think we're starting out with mostly prefolds and covers - they are actually pretty easy. There's no pinning necessary. Then we'll move into fitteds or Fuzzibunz as baby grows into medium sizes.

Check out the diapering forum. There's lots of advice there. And after 50 posts and 6 months (something like that), you can access the trading post and buy lots of used diapers much more cheaply than buying new.
Found it-it's long!:

I'm leaning towards Fuzzi Bunz myself. But I'd like to try some differnt ones out.
50 posts and 60 days to wait...where's that tapping my fingers impatiently smiley?

I have read to make absolutely sure you buy the highest quality prefolds that you can. The cheap ones are simply not absorbent enough.
There is another HUGE thread! But for the record, I'm going to CD too. We use plain old Chinese prefolds with pins, and Bummis covers... and I have a few handmade wool soakers too. I'll do the same with the new baby.
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We're using prefolds and covers on DD, because that's what we have
plus a few Kissaluvs with covers. DH loves the Kissaluvs..he doesn't understand why he can't wear underwear that soft!

I think I'm gonna get some indian prefolds though. We got preemie sized indian when DD came home from the NICU, and I love them. Plus, the chinese prefolds we're using are from when my mother started CDing my sister almost 30 years ago. So, they're not as absorbant as they used to be.
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i don't recommend buying just one brand, without trying them out on your baby. all babies have different shapes and grow at different rates. I'd recommend trying a newborn sampler package of different types of diapers and covers to find out what you want. i did that with my last pregnancy, and found there was something about every type of diaper that I liked!
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Janaya- good idea. Where would I find such a newborn variety pack?
We used small Fuzzi Bunz on dd from birth. I got them because of the ease (I had never even held a newborn before dd, let alone nursed one, lol!) and I love them.
I am!! I just bought the most adorable pair of mint longies from a WAHM that I can't wait to see on a cd baby butt! Our newborn stash is leftover from the pg I lost and it mostly has kissaluvs and covers with a couple of fb's. I can't wait to buy more though!
Currently all of my diaper stash is fuzzibunz. I love them and have had nothing but great experiences with them. I just ordered some preemie prefolds to use until the belly button falls off. I can't wait to get them. I plan on watching the trading posts to add to my size smalls because I only have 15. I was washing everyday sometimes twice a day for the first month or 2.
: I'd rather not do that again especially since there is a chance that dd will still be in dipes. She doesn't seem anxious to potty learn.
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Oh me me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait to try cding. I have never met anyone irl who cds and I love all of the cute little covers.
I think for know due to bugget issues we will get some prefolds and covers. I also agree with janaya, I want to try a variety of dif kinds but for starters it will be the prefolds. I need all the help I can get for you vetaren cd mamas if you have any hot tips pm me I would love any advise you can give me.
We are definitely going to CD as well. We don't have any as of yet, but I have been looking at the indian or chinese prefolds and some of the fuzzi bunz and/or bumkins.

How many should we have to start out with? so we don't have to wash dirty diapers like crazy!
We'll be cloth diapering this baby from birth. We got 24 kissaluvs size 0s, a couple Bella Bottoms 1 size, a couple very babies, and I'll be getting a dozen or so prefolds. I'd like to wash every third morning or so. With the other two, I washed every other day. I used mostly MotherEase with them (all given away), but now I think I'd like a different one size dipe (something wahm) for when the kissaluvs are too tiny (like, maybe two weeks
). I bought 3 bummis covers, a couple wool soakers, and I'll buy a couple MotherEase airflow covers because they are awesome! I also really want to knit some longies...they are my favorites! And with a Feb baby, longies are perfect
. Last time I made my wipes, but this time I just bought the kissaluvs wipes...I don't think they are quite as soft as I'd like, so I think I'll sew something softer to one side.

I cannot wait to cloth diaper another babe...I really do love it!
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We really like the Fuzzi Bunz.
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I just got my first package of tiny little prefolds in the mail today
So cute!

I've got wool set aside to knit up some soakers, pants and what-have-you. I have an abundance of cd's so really, there is no other option. I will probably use mostly fitteds and wool again. This is our last so I'm going all out. (within reason of course!)
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I'm no frills, plain and simple. Prefolds and covers. Whatever I can grab off ebay for cheap. I did buy a lot of fuzzi bunz last when my son was born, but they leaked like mad. I tried all the various methods to get them leak proof, but nothing ever worked. They've been in a rubber bin since. And I've learned my lesson to never deviate from what works.
Prefolds and covers are the way to go for a newborn, although I do have some fitteds only because they were gifted to me. I will use Fuzzi Bunz and prefolds after the newborn stage. I am so blessed to have a stash for two kids already, since I CDd my now potty learned almost 3 year old.
lindsayjean - it's been a while since i looked into all the options, but i'm pretty sure both and do newborn packages.
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