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Who is still nursing?

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I'm nursing 3yo DS, but luckily he's down to just a few minutes at bedtime and a few minutes upon waking up and occasionally during the day if he hurts himself or something. I remember it being more annoying when I was pregnant with him. The whole nursing while pregnant thing has been way less hard this time around.

I'm so glad that he has cut down but isn't looking likely to quit in the next month, so I'll have him around to ensure that I never get engorged. That was a huge help last time around when I decided to switch to block feeding. Instead of having to really ease into that, I just got DD to take care of the unused boob so I got to go straight to doing a day boob and a night boob for the baby, which sorted out his sudden attack of super fussiness in short order. Tandem nursing really does have its benefits.

My boobs were feeling pretty unchanged until about 31 weeks, when they seem to have doubled in size. Now all my bras are push-up bras! Ah, I do love having a small baby and shapely young breasts....
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I'm still nursing 2yo DS. He has actually increased his nursing lately, which I attribute to the arrival of colostrum. He was dry nursing for several weeks and that was really rough. I WOH full time, so he doesn't get to nurse during the day on weekdays, but he usually wants to nurse a little when I get home from work. He nurses to sleep, sometimes once or twice in the middle of the night, and has a marathon session in the morning starting at about 5-5:30am when we are still in bed. That morning session lasts anywhere from a half hour to an hour (sometimes longer). On weekends, he nurses 3-4 times during the day, including going down for his nap, in addition to the night/morning nursings.

I fully expect to be tandem nursing for a loooong time. My fear is how to handle the night nursings as DS really just jumps over me to go from one boob to the other whenever he wants to right now. It's going to be a challenge to set some boundaries with him.

I have been having strange nipple pain lately. It doesn't seem to be the same pain that has been present since I got pregnant that I know is hormone related. I'm going to ask my midwife about it today. Do you have any soreness while nursing still? Is it normal to still be sore in teh 3rd trimester?
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I'm WAY sore when I nurse. Our nursing is probably once or twice a day, and I keep those sessions pretty short. Less because of the pain, and more because nursing gives me pretty intense contractions (although I'll be glad to have that up my sleeve around D-day!). Things are a bit more comfortable now that my colostrum has come in (I've got so much more this time around, that's for sure), but not really by much.

We nightweaned in the beginning, probably around 8 weeks. I just couldn't handle all the nightwaking with my pregnancy exhaustion.

I had quite a bit of extra milk when DS was a baby -- I usually pumped 10-15 ounces per day, in addition to him being exclusively nipple fed. So I am hopeful that having DS around to pick up the slack will prevent my freezer from turning back into a milk bank.
Yes, it's totally normal to have nipple pain at pretty much any moment of a pregnancy. I'm shocked that you can handle 30-60 minute nursing sessions! Consider yourself very fortunate!!!
I can only handle it when I'm at least halfway asleep. When I'm fully awake, I usually stop him after 10 minutes or so. He knows which boob is the "owie" one too, so he never puts up a fight when I stop him on my right boob.

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Yes, it's totally normal to have nipple pain at pretty much any moment of a pregnancy. I'm shocked that you can handle 30-60 minute nursing sessions! Consider yourself very fortunate!!!
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