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Who knows about flats? I'm considering switching to them....

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I've been having some serious stink issues ever since we moved to this area 7 months ago. I think it's because the water is so soft. I swear I've tried *everything* and can't get rid of the stink. Every time I think I've got it under control, it blows up in my face again. It's to the point that I'm doing 2 hot rinses with every load and our utility bill is suffering.

So, I'm thinking flats might be a better option, right?

Right now, I'm mostly using pockets stuffed with prefolds, so switching to flats wouldn't be that big of a change. I plan to keep using the pockets since the stink doesn't seem to be coming from them.

I'm looking around and I see mostly birdseye flats and organic flats. There's no way I can afford the organic ones. How about the "thirsties" brand? Are they any good? Or should I just stick to regular birdseye?

How many flats would I have to put in a large pocket to get about the same absorbancy as a 4x6x4 cpf?

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I use flats for the bulk of my stash. I use the birdseye ones. I snappi them and use them under a cover.

they are REALLY bulky as a stuffer for pockets. you might use the oragami fold and use the pocket as a cover tho. is where i got my flats and has a few folding options. I found Inge at diaperware had better folding instructions for the oragami fold.

good luck.
oops...haha never mind!
I use them as stuffers for my Swaddlebees. I didn't find them bulky at all. I fold um up narrow since the swaddlebees are so trim in the middle. I got mine from the good ol' birdseye ones.
We use flats for stuffing pockets. They really aren't any bulkier to me than using prefolds. I think they're actually easier to stuff in the pocket depending on how you fold it.

I bought mine from from Inge. Shipment was quick and I think for the 2 dozen and shipping, I paid about $30.
great idea! i prefer flats over prefolds for stuffing pockets or laying in wraps. before my toddler potty trained, i used 2 birdseye flats folded up together in a large bummis sww, and they were at least as absorbant as a premium prefold. imo, they're trimmer if line/rack dried than if dryer-dried, because they don't wrinkle/quilt at the edges if line/rack-dried. they don't get stiff on the line like prefolds do, and the sun can get to all fibers to kill stink-causing buggies

also, i'd recommend birdseye or jersey flats over gauze, terry, or flannel ones because they're less bulky for the same absorbancy and they won't make hard little pills on the fleece of your pockets like those other fabrics can.
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i got a luscious organic velour hand-dyed flat custom made for me
from Terri at FMBG and wow! I'm so happy with it, that if I didn't have a ton of great dipes I'd switch!
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I really love the thirsties (babycottonbottoms) and the greenmountaindiapers flats.

I just use them as a dipe with a cover over them but I'm sure you'd get good absorbancy with a pocket as well. My 2yr old took a 3 hour nap in just a single flat and didn't leak.
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