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Who knows this natural mix against depression, anxiety etc

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I have found this product in internet:

It sounds good, isn't it ?...

Has anyone tried it?

Chao, Blanca
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That product definately sounds interesting. I would also like to know if anyone has tried it. It sounds promising.

I just came to this forum to post about this very same product!! Hopefully someone has tried it!

It seems that nobody has tried it..

Anyway I take 5htp+ L-Tyrosin, Vitamins, Minerals and Progesterone Capsules..

The mix helps me against my extrem mood swings and other symptoms..

I also will try Ginko Biloba to intensify the effect of 5htp.

I can not take Saint John´s wort because I take an hormon..

Bye- Bye, Blanca
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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