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Who made those diapers that the inside had the long elastic part like a disposable?

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Ok, so that was a long subject line LOL
I remember seeing them on a website, it had long gussets almost, but not really gussets --like the way disposables do on the inside.
Does anyone remember who makes these??
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I got a tester dipe about a year ago like that, but then the mama decided not to go through with them.
I did like that part of the dipe though. I'd like to know who makes these too.
'free range babies' have those, if I am thinking of the same thing you are...

they go like the entire length of the inside of the dipe, and are super deep....VERY well made. I had a bunch of them, and they were so awesome, beautiful. but took like 3 cycles to dry, or a few days! the LONGEST drying dipes I have ever had...and If it doesnt dry the same as my prefolds, it doesnt stick around long....alas, the poor things had to go
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That 'Bodinks' link has the CUTEST little animation thingie in their logo, that lil baby doing somersaults......I think I am turning into a dork, because I even made my dh come over to see it!:LOL

you couldnt get in there to look around, how mean :LOL I know she isnt open for orders, and I have no money to order anyway, but a bit of drooling does me good.
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Jaiden's Jubilee has The Ultimate Gusset diaper, which might fit your bill, Lori. I have a Trim Fits, and I LOVE it! If she had a better fabric choice, I'd have a ton of her diapers. Very well made and functional. They do require a little extra umph for heavy wetters, but I have read that those gussets hold in anything. Good luck!

Kam, mamamamamama! to Meg
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