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Who makes pockets w/ hemp or sherpa outer and micro inner?

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Two of ds' nighttime diapers are threadbare and have completely dead elastic. I should hang my head in shame that I haven't replaced them yet!! (I tend to use diapers until they're completely dead.)

I have one Nightlight I like, but I know they're hard to find. I have some medium Darling Diapers I like, but I need larges, and she only sells the pattern now. (I do sew, but I hate sewing diapers.) I'm aware of Happy Hempys but haven't tried them yet. Anyone else I'm not aware of? I rarely hyena for diapers and tend to stick to my tried and true, so I don't know what's new out there.

If it makes a difference, ds leans toward the skinnier side. Especially in the waist. Snaps or velcro is fine. Will use an Aristocrat or ancient Kangaroo Korner fleece over it.

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I know there have to be others, but the Happy Hempy is the only one that comes to mind right now - I use it for my dd at night sometimes, guess that's why it comes to mind. Not much help am I :LOL
Try Shannon at
She makes Hemp with Micro or Suede inner Pockets.
They run like $8.00 I think? Anyway, they come WITH
a sooo soft hemp insert too
Very adjustable. We love
ours!! Shannon uses stellar micro
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Thanks everyone! I had a Harlyz go through my hands once. It was an AIO and seemed too narrow in the crotch for a nighttime diaper. (It was old, so don't know if the style has changed.)

For some reason, I had the Green Acres pocket (I have a PUL one) as not a good fit for ds, but I don't remember why! I ought to try it on him again before putting it up for sale. It's been sitting in the closet for awhile. If it works, I could try to get a hemp one.
Didn't know she made them.
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