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Who sets the emotional tone of your house MOST of the time?

  • The Woman

    Votes: 37 30.8%
  • The Man

    Votes: 20 16.7%
  • It volleys back and forth equally

    Votes: 60 50.0%
  • We are not affected by each other's moods

    Votes: 3 2.5%
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I actually think it's the 'relationship energy' between partners that sets the mood in the home, rather than one person.

You can have two mellow people, but if they are glaring daggers at each other and if they're in a silent fight, it will still make for a tense atmosphere, even if they don't yell.

You can also have two boisterous loud people together but if they're cooperative and respectful of one another, their home's mood can be stable and secure (if loud).

I also think that if there is one partner that holds the majority of the day to day running of the household in their hands, that can tip the balance of the mood setting towards them, just because of the greater time and energy they put into the setting. However, their relationship with their partner will still affect that.

Oops, I'd skimmed the part where we were supposed to personalize this.

In our house, the mood setting is most definitely the state of our relationship, which is normally very stable and calm and mellow. We're both SAHP, and coparent almost equally (though I do most of the appointment setting and activity choosing). It doesn't bounce back and forth between us though. It's more of a reflection of our relationship.
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