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who taught her this?

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DD has now decided that she's going to walk everywhere she goes! And she's doing it faster than she can crawl! I barely even have time to read a single post and she's off and running! Crawling after the cat was one thing, but just up and walking down the hall for fun! It shouldn't be allowed.

DH and I are at our wits end. How is anything ever going to get done around here with a toddler. I told DD months ago that is would be just fine with me if she decided to stay little and cute forever. Aparently she has different plans. If she learns how to run, I may have to move out!

Also, she used to have these nice little hockey puck terds that were a cinch to pop off the diaper and toss in the toilet, but now we have to scrub! Yuck!
She has also taken to removing her velcro diaper covers herself whenever and wherever she feels like it. I told her it was against the rules, but she doesn't care about what I say anymore.

This is all so against the rules! Maybe I'll trade this one in for another littler one 'cause I just can't keep up with all this growing up!

At least she isn't doing this: :puke
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Lol. I feel for ya...I remember when my dd started to get mobile too, what a nightmare!
Isn't it funny how we as parents just can't wait for our kids to hit all those "milestones" and then when they finally do, we wish they hadn't?

Anyways, I think you may need to solidly baby-proof at least one room in the house (which I'm sure you've done already), and invest in some gates! That was the only way I got anything done. The playpen may be useful as well, although I'm not big on cooping a baby up in a playpen all the time.
As for undoing her velcro diapies, put em on backwards! That should work for at least a while until she figures out how to get those elastic arms behind her!
Good luck!
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good luck mama! better put up the breakables
i'm sure all those months of being carried, she has built quite a list of the things she wants to get her hands on! :LOL
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