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who uses dr. bronner's SAL SUDS?

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i have never tried the sal suds before & i would really like to
order it! it turns out my wfm & wild oats don't stock it (sniff)

i think i will love the fir needle scent! can you tell i'm getting ready
to go into cleaning mode?!?

i would LOVE to hear some thoughts on this product..
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: oooh, me too! I have been wondering the same thing. I've been trying to incorporate Dr. B's into more of my cleaning and was wondering about this one!
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I had a bottle of Sal Suds - I need to buy more - and loved it! The big bottle lasts a long time. I used it occasionally for laundry, but mostly for dishes and I made an all-purpose cleaning spray with the Sal Suds, vinegar, and water. It worked really well. It is definitely worth it to get a bottle.
I love it and use it for almost everything. It is very concentrated and can get quite sudsy.

I get it from here: Good prices and they have all the other Dr. B stuff too.

The site is annoying and hard to navigate. But once you get used to it, the prices make up for it.
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I looked at the ingredients list. Apparently Sal Suds are made with SLS, although they say they are "properly made" or somethin.

Not sure because I'd like to use it instead of dishwashing detergent...
I LOVED Sals Suds. I can't give up my Dawn because it cuts through grease and works great in vinegar spray mix for windows, but Sals Suds works just the same. I just can't find it anywhere around here. If a store around here sold it I would give up my Dawn in the blink of an eye.
I love my Sals Suds!!! I'm almost at the end of my bottle & I had it for about 1.5 years. I used it for lots, but mostly cleaning the tile floor in the kitchen (dog was incontinent, so it was cleaned lots!). It worked residue, just clean. And only a squirt in the bucket did the trick. I don't get scented because I put a few drops of EO in.


Originally Posted by MaryLang View Post
... works great in vinegar spray mix for windows,....
care to share the recipe?
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Oh, its just vinegar, a little squirt of Dawn (or rather Sals Suds), and TTO a little water. The squirt of detergent really leaves everything streak-free. You'll find that if you just use vinegar and water, you'll get streaks when cleaning through anything actually dirty.
It cuts grease better than anything I have ever seen. You only need a drop for a sink full of dishes.
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