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Who uses Sugar Plum Baby fitteds?

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I just got some hemp quick dry fitteds from sugar plum baby. I'm excited to try them but they seem REALLY thin. Has anyone tried them? I'm a little worried since DD is a super soaker. How would you compare the absorbancy - say... 2 joeybunz?? (I hope...)
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I haven't seen them yet but I have one on the way! I can't wait to get it
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I have one and really like it. I usually add an extra doubler to mine because Holden is such a heavy wetter. I'd say that with the dipe, the doubler and the extra doubler that it would probably be pretty close in absorbancy to 2 JBs.
It definitely is, if you use the hemp trifold soaker. that baby holds a lot.
I have one and I love it - I need more!!! I use it as a day time diaper but Ds is a heavy day wetter. I've added a wool doubler a few times and that worked well. Still nice and trim
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I have two on the way, too! I guess we'll have a lot more to say on this next week!
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I have two and I really like them! I do add a doubler b/c my DD wets like nobody's business.
I have about a dozen or so and just love them...I have a woven one that when I add a doubler I can use it for nap time
Love love love them! They are my favorite fitteds. In fact, I use them with the snapin soaker and added doubler she sends with it, under a wool soaker and it's perfect for nighttime. I find them highly absorbant!
I have a light wetter and never ever use doublers with them! lol He never soaks more than just the front 1/4.

I compare them to a small firefly and small BottomBumper both for fit and function.

Here's Nathan (a few days ago) in a small SugarPlumBaby: and

I have two more on the way to me now (one from her last stocking).

Just for visual comparison, here's Nathan in a small firefly:
And here he is in a small bottombumper:

All the trimness I love at half the price! I'm loving them right now!
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