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Who won the RB?????

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How got the Righteous Baby Geisha FLAG Size 2 diaper??? I am so mad!
I tried to bid at the last few seconds, and I missed it! Someone is a better eBAYer than I! I nearly cried- okay I did cry!
I have been waiting all week for those last few seconds- crap! Okay I hope it is very loved- VERY VERY LOVED- you hear me???

And if for some reason your baby is too small or too big- PLEASE PASS IT ON TO ME!!!!

Now, who else has some Geisha or asian prints??? I must buy a new dipe ASAP- I am too heartbroken not to spend money!

Okay- I will stop crying over it, it was not ment to be- I hope it is loved and I kow you wanted it as bad as me! Still loving you!

And I look at it this way, at least there is another mama out there who wants a stlyish pooper holder just like me!
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Oh don't cry hun!

I didn't (I got the stained glass instead). I hope you find a similar one
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<insert really bashful teeny smile here...>

ummm... me. I got it. I'm sorry? Please forgive me!!!! I don't have ANY RB... NONE! I will love it with all of my being
And if for any reason it does not work for me I will let you know!!!!! It will be very cherished.

hugs... don't cry. But would it help you to know that it made my day?
Or would that just be mean

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I was looking at the stained glass one- but I was so upset about the other one I didnt bid on the SG one!! I dont have any RB either so I was watching all week waiting. But it is okay- I am trying to move and dont want to spend money- but now I am on the hunt for some asian prints- anyone know where I can get one???

I will forgive! I knew you had to want it just as bad- you out bid me with like 3 seconds left! lol... And I bid pretty high- Well, send me photos please!!!
"I will forgive! I knew you had to want it just as bad- you out bid me with like 3 seconds left! lol... And I bid pretty high- Well, send me photos please!!!"

I know
I just knew that someone was going to try to snipe it so I waited with baited breath and a couple of windows open so that I could bid higher if I needed to. I feel so bad that it was an MDC momma
I will take pics and def. post them and if it does not work for us it's yours... free of charge kay?

((((more hugs)))) cause I know how much it sucks when you want something that bad

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Aww, Tammy! Live it up girl! You won!

Be proud of your snipin' self!

Enjoy the cool dipe! It's your first RB! I'm sure you'll love it!

Ang: I will be on the lookout for Asian stuff... of course, I *ALWAYS* am.... the Hong Kong lover in me would freak for some Asian dipes!

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I think Kathleen at Valor-Kids has some Asian prints, and she just opened up for customs to her Yahoo group!
I had my eye on a coupe of realllllyyy cute dipes for ds and my internet connection went out. I had multiple windows open & everything!

We are really new to CD. I don't believe I have seen an RB on eBay. Are they typically listed under cloth diapers?

Awe Shucks
to you for not winning. But at least it was an MDC mom that won!!!!
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I am very happy another MDC mama won- I just feel bad I jacked the price up for you

As far as looking on ebay- look under the name! not under cloth diapes- most bigger name CD makers out there are put just under the name.

Maybe when I start my store I should make asian and african prints- maybe specialize in them- hummm.... I cant ever find them anyplace!
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I found them!!!! Thanks! Actually they were in the diapering, diaper, cloth or cover search.
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