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Whoever came up with the idea...

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of washing with just baking soda and TTO
THANK YOU!!! I've been having sooo much problems with my son's ammonia drenched dipes. I tied washing like 3 hot cycles no soap after the initial wash, they would smell fine but when i opened the dryer I could still smell them
Washed with no detergent just TTO and BS and WOW!!!! So on one wash day I use TTO/BS and on another is TTO/detergent.
So thank you
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You are welcome! I am glad you are having success, it has almost been 3 weeks for me and everything is still going great!
ooooh!! i'm going to try this today. my cricketts made of hemp really stink when they get peed in.
Oh... think I'm going to try this now, too. I'm sick of that KNOCKOUT morning diaper.
Okay, I haven't heard of this. Could you all give me more details? My hemp is starting to stink. How much BS to how much TTO??
if you do a search for the words no detergent or no-detergent, you should find all the threads on it
I don't remeber exactly but I think it's something like 1/;2 cup of baking soda and I had no measurements of TTO. I just shake baking soda until *I* feel it's enough LOL and just pour the TTO the same way. It is amazing to not have knockout tddler ammonia pee. Trust me I'm in no rush for my newborn to get to the toddler stage. My nb's pail isn't bad but my toddler's pail is just crzy!!!
Oooh, and you could add a lavender sachet to the dryer, and have heavenly smelling dipes!
Hi Boston mama

My trick for non-stinky stuff - CLOTHESLINE - man-o-man does the sun work wonders
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I have been too chicken, I've been using the baking soda and TTO but also a dash of detergent, hehee. Will omit detergent on my Friday wash, I promise...
After all my sanctimonious posts about no stink
: I have been struck! Is it the hot weather that aggravates it? Either way I am trying it RIGHT NOW. It better work or I will lose my mind.

Keeping my fingers crossed...
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I think I need to get to the grocery store to buy a few packages of baking soda.
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but just because your diapers smell nice from TTO doesn't make them clean.

I tried this on my cold wash. My diapers smelled like TTO. I didn't have one bubble so I knew that I didn't have any residual detergent. So I used 1 T of Tide in my hot wash. And they still smell like TTO. I might reduce to 2 tsp. but I just don't see using no detergent.

What am I missing here?
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I have not noticed my diapers smelling like TTO, I use a lot(about half a teaspoon to a teaspoon) and the laundry room will REAK of it, but when my diapers come out they dont smell like it. Not sure why? Maybe because I use it in the hot wash so it affects it differently?

Personally TTO gives me a headache, so I close the door. I have never thought TTO smelled good, but I think it makes a good wash.
So no problems with TTO and diaper rash?

I tried TTO before (with baking soda and vinegar) and DS got rashy. Maybe I need to try again.

Also - no one is using vinegar in the rinse? I thought vinegar was suppose to restore the PH balance if baking soda was used in the wash. Something like that....????
Ahh, thank you mama!. Man, that was driving me nuts!
How much TTO and Bking soda do you use? I am having the "still smelly in the dryer" issue right now! TIA
Actually, my diapers didn't smell like TTO after they were dried, only when they were wet.

OK, a whole new can of worms here. Vinegar- bad for PUL? True or false. And is it baking soda or vinegar that has a bad reaction with water from water softeners (due to the salt).
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