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DH and I are going to invest in a few items for the house over Christmas. We're going to spring for a Whispermill and possibly a juicer.

In any case, we were talking about making whole grain breads and the cost of storebought vs. homemade. Obviously there is no debating the nutritional advantage of homemade, but we're trying to figure out if it is really a good investment in the long run. We're okay financially at present, but DH is leaving his current job and returning to school for his PhD, so we're going to be living off a stipend, which will be a bit of a challenge.

Most whole grain bread recipes we use call for quite a bit of vital wheat gluten or they don't rise well. I've heard Laurel's Bread Book has info on triple rising that case, do you need VWG? Having to buy the gluten if we are making our bread all the time seems like it would really add to the cost and it is less convenient.

We do have a bread machine...are there any good cookbooks with whole grain (100% whole grain that is...) bread recipes that you can recommend? Every time I try one in the bread machine, even adding Vital Wheat Gluten, it is quite quite dense. I don't mind it, but a fluffier loaf would be nice once in a while
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