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whole segment of clementine!

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My 6 1/2 month old dd just swallowed a whole segment of clementine. She had been chewing and sucking on it for a while, so it had been emptied out some, if you know what I mean, but still. Do you think that's ok? I'm worried that it might constipate her or get stuck inside or something. It's been a few minutes and she's fine now, but should I call the dr or something? I'm pretty sure I'm just being a paranoid first time mom, but if anyone has had this happen or knows more about it, I'd love to hear it!
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Hi! I am going to move your thread to Life With a Babe. You might get more answers there since this forum is about breastfeeding/weaning.

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If she's anything like my youngest DS its gonna go straight through her... No worries!
Don't worry at all! I was nervous at first about solids and did blw, but there's no need to be. Just watch out for choking, which ds never did and he ate whole chunks from the get go.
She should be fine. When DS was about that age he swallowed a piece of raw kale that was about 1in square. It must have fallen onto the kitchen floor while I was cooking because I didn't even know he had swallowed it. It just arrived in his diaper completely unchanged by his digestive system. No constipation or fussiness at all.
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Ds has loved those little oranges for months. The segment skins just flush right through whole.
Another vote for she'll be fine and her poop'll be weird.

When they go on a banana kick it gives strange poop too.
Just make sure to get that upcoming poop off her butt right away! DD gets instant diaper rash when she eats a lot of citrus.
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