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Here is the recipe I have been using for several years. I started with just a basic recipe and then we modified it by adding in "extras," as we like stuff in our bread. If I need a plain recipe, for hotdog or hamburger buns, stuffing, etc, I leave out the flax and sunflower seeds. I have to tell you that I'm not the best at measuring things, I usually just add extras (always start with 5 cups flour and 1/2 cup gluten) and then check the texture as it is kneading, adding more flour or a tad of water as needed. If you leave out flax and seeds it will probably need a little more flour, but just go for a nice, smooth textured dough, not too sticky.

5 cups whole wheat flour
1/2 cup gluten
3/4 cup powdered milk (this can be left out, and I've actually had great results without it)
2 tsp salt
2 packages (or around 2 Tbsp) yeast
about 1/2 cup flax seeds, can be all ground, part ground, or all whole
about 3/4-1 cup rolled oats
about 1/2-3/4 cup raw sunflower seeds
2 cups warm water
2-3 Tbsp honey
1/3 cup oil (I use olive)

Mix all dry ingredients together in a bowl (I just add the yeast in the dry ingredients, but you can certainly start it in the liquid as well... I just find it quicker to do it this way). Mix water and honey together until honey is dissolved, add oil and mix. Add wet ingredients to dry and mix. I just do this all in my kitchenaid, so I can leave it in the bowl to knead, but if doing it by hand I usually mix it so that the flour is not completely combined in and then dump onto counter to knead (the flour in the bowl gets me started for flour on my counter) and then add extra flour only after all has been incorporated, if it is needed. Put into oiled bowl, turn to coat, cover with plastic wrap and let rise (I usually do this in the oven with the light on) until double. Punch dough down knead briefly to eliminate air pockets and form into two loaves. Put back into the oven (uncovered) to rise until doubled. At this point, I leave the bread in the oven and turn the oven on to 375 degrees. It depends on how fast your oven preheats, but my bread takes about 25 minutes to bake. I found that if I removed the loaves from the oven to preheat it that they would often fall, but I have much better luck just keeping them in there. I hope I was clear, but hopefully I can clear up anything that's still fuzzy.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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