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WHOO HOO, I'm having a homebirth!!!

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So can you tell I'm so excited?!?!?! I'm getting my homebirth!!! DH and I have been talking and talking and talking and I made an appt. w/ the hbmw and he came to the appt. and he finally agreed t it!!!
He was so adamant against it and I was seeing my OB from DS's birth, but I just didn't feel comfotable w/ it. Now, I get to have my home waterbirth!!!
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That is awesome!!! Congrats! Isn't it so reassuring to go talk to the mw? That was the best part for us.

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Good for you! Yippee! Yea!

Insert dancing vegetable matter here....

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Congrats. That's so wonderful. DD was born 6 weeks ago today at home. It was the best.
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