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Whoopeee!! Finished a soaker tonight!

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I got the mail today and almost CRIED when my YARN finally showed up!! I ordered it 2 1/2 weeks ago and one color was on backorder so they didn't send it till I called and beeeeegggged them to mail what they had in stock.

This is done with Galway Colornep and Galway regular. I really like it and it is soooo nice and soft! I got it at

One question for the knitters.... please notice the "jog" in the stripes in the back.... I knitted in the round (haven't added leg cuffs yet, probably will tomorrow after I try it on girlie!) and I don't like those jogs. Any way to prevent it??

Oh, the pattern is sort of from this one, sort of not:

The colors are much richer in real life, the purple is heathery and the lavendar is much more lavendar (it looks almost white in the pic).
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Girlie just woke up so I slipped it on! Fits PERFECT!

I think I will take the whole thing down a notch needlesizewise next time though... I hate seeing the fitted! Why does it do that? Just a loose knit? Maybe I need fitteds that match

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You did an awsome job on that soaker! I love it! And I cannot believe you did it in one day. The fastest I've ever done one is four days. lol And I usually put all of my free time into it.

I got those same jogs in the striped soaker I did on circs, but I'm not a very experienced knitter, so I'm not sure if there might be a way to avoid it.

And, as for the fitted peeking through, I think it must be that the needles are large. What size did you use? I have never had that happen, but I've never used anything larger than a six. I usually use ltk yarn with size four needles. I think it looks great anyway. If it bugs you too much, you could use it as an excuse to buy a matching dipe.


PS I have been meaning to email you to thank you for the gorgeous playsilk. It has been nawing at me that I didn't say anything in my other email. It's our first playsilk and I love it. And milo loves it when I waive it over his face.
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More experienced ones can step in here and tell you what they do for jogs but what I do is, when I get ready to change yarn colors, I take the old yarn color and the new yarn color, and I knit with those two strands for three knits, and then I drop the old color. Then when you come to those two strands, you just knit them like one on the next row.
Meredith... Ugh, that's what I did.... well, only 2 knits, not 3. I hate the way they look though! I know I'm being neurotic, because dh is like "WHO CARES? She's gonna poop on it!"

Thanks for the feedback guys! I was using my Denise size 7 (size 5 for the ribbing) and I think I will do size 6. I'm working on some soaker shorts today...

Jayne: Glad you got the silk!
I love silks!

Oh, and this is weird, but I swear, in real life, you DON'T notice the fitted, just when it is in a picture! Maybe the flash makes it more obvious?

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I think if you go to google and type in "jogless jog" you'll find a whole list of sites that will tell you how to make the circles go straight around when you're knitting in the round.

Were your stitches on gauge? I saw your pattern say 5 stitches per inch. If so, then you're soaker is probably a bit small since it is being stretched in order to fit and thus the diaper is showing through.

Great job!
One way to avoid jogs when knitting in the round is to use variegated yarn.
Ok, yeah, I guess that would be cheating....

I read a really complicated article about avoiding jogs once, written by one of the famous Grandmothers of Knitting, but I can't remember which one. Maybe the "Knitting without Tears" one? Anyway, I didn't understand a word of it since I was still a beginner at the time. I'll look for it tonight, though, and let you know if I find it.

The soakers look great, by the way! You must be one speedy knitter!
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That is so cute! Way to go! Your really popping knitting stuff out lately arentcha!
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