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whoosey and out of it with this heat

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It's 90 degrees plus here in Chicago today. Very different from just a week ago. I left work (air conditioning) and felt so whoosey and out of it, almost faint like. Of course I have to walk a mile to the train station in the heat and sun, so I wonder if that contributes...But it left me on the verge of having a sun headache...and now that I'm home, feel like I don't even want to move the couch...Still just feel out of it...Anyone else feeling like this? Is it normal?
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Its HOT here!!! I'm feeling like this and I'm not doing as much walking in this heat as you are. Just add that to the joys of pregnancy!!!
Stay cool!
Do you carry water with you? I live in the high desert, and a bottle of cool water really makes a difference in the nasty heat.
Oh yeah! I am in Chicago too. I work downtown and take the Metra home. My train is so full, super warm and was running 30 minutes late today! It was torture!

I always have water with me, but sometimes it is not enough!
Getz, where do you live?

I'm in Brookfield, and take the Burlington Northern home.

I also have water with me at all times...It did not work...I hate having to think about taking the bus...
Be sure to have enough water with you and already IN you.

Also be sure to not have an empty tummy.

If it's the heat that's doing it, try taking a bandana to work. Get it wet and ring it out. Then wear it tied around your neck while you're on the way home. Maybe a sun hat and sun glasses, too?

I do NOT tolerate heat well, pregnant or not, and the bandana thing is a life-saver!
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