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Who's going to the NJ LLL Conference in May?

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Hi all,
The LLL Conference is coming up again and I met some of you there last year so I thought I would ask again. I tried to post the info here: is their main website and then the info is there!

If you go, stop by my booth: Kiddie Cradles!
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I'll be there! Of course I said that last year, too, and then poor ds came down with a really miserable cold and we missed it.
Maybe this year we'll go into quarantine a couple of weeks ahead of time.
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This will be my/our first one. We usually attend the PA conference. I've heard the NJ one has a totally different vibe. I can tell it's different from the registration catalogue. The seminars seems much better for NJ. Are either of you Leaders? I really want to meet some new moms in NJ, it's been pretty lonely since we moved here

Stayin' home with The Wonder Toddler
and lovin' my darling dh

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I'm thinking about it - but my birthday is that weekend too. I have to see what the plans look like. (I'm one of those people who always take time for myself on my birthday. Hey, it's only one day a year
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I'll have to see if we can fit it in since we're going away that weekend - it sounds good though - I've never been to a LLL conference - or an LLL meeting for that matter - maybe I can connect with an LLL group near me there!
I will be there! It is a lot of fun. I feel really recharged after going to the conference.

If anyone is looking for groups in their area, you can start here:

this is our group, if anyone is interested in our area, or if you need me to look up phone numbers for other groups (not everyone has a webpage up.)
I'm going too! I'll definitely have to check out the Kiddie Cradles. I'll have the (re)launch of my toy store Wee to Three there. Woo!

Since it sounds like you've been before as a vendor, PAflower, what is it like? I'm thinking about registering to go as a participant as well as a vendor, which they said I could do. Do you think I can have dh and dd (2 years old) man the table while I go to a couple of sessions as a participant?

Originally Posted by PAflower
If you go, stop by my booth: Kiddie Cradles!
I'm not going this year, because it's the same day as the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival. But I remember you from last year! My doula group had a booth there. I still have one of your cards!
HI Katie,
I think your DH and 2 year old would be fine at a session. That is when the booths are slow. It's during lunch and in between sessions and after the last session when it is the craziest.
I think if you can, you should do it!
Janesmommy-Have we met at the PA conference? I 'm usually there too. There are lots of nice mommies around...I'm sure you'll find someone!!
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