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Whos NOT feelng movement???

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it seems like EEVERYONE IS this is my 3rd preg and I dont think I have felt anything yet #1 at 20wks #2 16 week nothing yet with this one........... so who isnt feeling anything................make me feel better!
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I only feel movement when I am lying completely still on my back. So even though I have felt it, it is very rare that I do. It is understandable that with 3 little ones, you don't have alot of time to sit and relax!!! Don't worry, even with my twins, other than 2 times, I don't remember feeling them until after 20 weeks I think.
nothing here yet. I felt my last 2 pregnancies at 14-15 weeks.
There was ONE time with this one, where I thought mayyyyyyybe that was movement? But i really doubt it. I'm just so anxious for those baby belly kicks
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OK even though I posted I was feeling baby move that was 1 night and that was it
Nothing since a week ago today. Sometimes I think I feel something, but it ends up just being gas
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I don't think I am... but I'm so freakin' gassy I wouldn't be able to tell anyway.
Plus, I'm one of the New Year's Eve people, so I've got a bit longer to wait.
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I'm not. At least I'm pretty sure I'm not. Sometimes I think I'm feeling movement, then my tummy will gurgle and I realize I'm not feeling baby, I'm just feeling dinner digesting. I've heard some women don't feel it with their first until 22 weeks, with the average being 16 - 20, so I figure I have a good month or so to go. I'm dying to feel it, but I know in five months I'll be telling the kid that if it doesn't stop karate chopping my internal organs, it'll be grounded before it's born.
It's funny, when you watch movies like Children of Men or North Country, the mother has this big serious monologue about how she was horrified to be pregnant, "then one night I felt the baby kick inside me and my whole life changed." I guess, "One night I was lying there and I felt something which could have been the baby moving but more likely was just the after-effects of too much Taco Bell" doesn't make for good cinematic dialogue.
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No movement here - at least nothing that I can be 100% sure is movement

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I guess, "One night I was lying there and I felt something which could have been the baby moving but more likely was just the after-effects of too much Taco Bell" doesn't make for good cinematic dialogue.

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I could have sworn at like 9-10wks I was feeling movement but I don't think it was, I haven't felt anything since and I'm just 13w1d but I'm sure things are fine, the babe is just an inch or two so its completely understandable cause I'm a bigger momma too. I can't recall when I felt movement with the boys, I'll have to go back and read their books.
I haven't felt anything yet - I'm getting impatient to feel some movement!
I have tried SO HARD to feel something. I know that sounds kind of ridiculous, but I've lay still and just concentrated for hours to see if maybe, somewhere in there, I feel the baby doing a little dance or something. Nothing. So you can add me to the not feeling the baby club!
Not me. 14 weeks here. I felt/saw it at 15 with my last so hopefully very soon!
I've felt some movement...was feeling it at about 11-12 weeks, then for the last week or so it was REAL quiet in there and then of course I started thinking "eek, what if something happened?" But I've been feeling little teeny flutters today, which is reassuring. I don't think I felt anything until 15-16 weeks with my first.
I haven't felt a thing yet. I'll be 14 weeks tomorrow. I am so impatient! I can't wait to feel those little flutters!
I feel something like bubbles that could be gas, could be baby. So I don't know what it is. My midwife told me that I shouldn't expect to feel anything until at least 16 weeks.
I "imagine" that I feel it but I've felt nothing for sure yet. I can't wait for that first strong bump to really make my breath catch and my heart flutter!!!! It was at 16 wks with DD so hopefully soon. I'm 14 wks now. . . . .
You can put me in the same category of wishing...hoping...praying...imagining I'm feeling something. But honestly I'm not certain I've felt anything at all! BTW, I'm 15 weeks.
Well I am 17 weeks last Saturday and I am not feeling movement. There have been a couple times that I thought it was, but I am not so sure.

I am excited to feel this baby!!!
It will come soon enough ladies
And then you will be wishing the baby would just stop kicking you in the ribs!
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Nope, nothing yet. I didn't feel anything with either of my other two until around 20 weeks - part of the reason is I always I have an anterior placenta (this time too) and most women with an anterior placenta don't feel movement until later. Still anxious though....its one the best parts of being pregnant.
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