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Who's ready to throws bricks at this guy???

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I hate when BF is compared to urinating. That is just such a stupid thing to say...

I'm so ashamed that was one of my local news stations.
Don't throw bricks at him- flash your ( o )( o ) at him and squirt milk in his face :LOL

Seriously, he's showing himself to be an
and he's giving the nurse-in more publicity. He's also helping to get the term "lactivist" into the mainstream!!!
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My husband and I have worked in the press for a long time. I have come to the conclusion that this profession has more heavy drinkers in it than any other. The hours, the stress ... who knows.

Bottom line, ol' Ken looks like he has spent more than a little time on a barstool. Maybe inebriation explains this column.
That is really unfortunate - I usually like him and what he has to say.

Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but I don't think he is at all taking the time to consider what he is talking about. Or he is just trying to get a rise out of folks.
I sent him a nice, friendly, calm letter, with a brief explanation of the points he's missing:

-Babies need to nurse, so mamas need to be able to do nurse them

-The vast majority of nursing moms are just feeding their kids, and have no more interest in unduly exposing themselves than he does

-He has the right not to look

Anybody have any experience with writing to him?
How often does he write commentaries?

It is neat to see the word Lactavist get so much press!!!
Next stop, the word LACTOPHOBIA!!
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Wow I can't believe the ignorance!!!
I usually like his commentaries too, how disapointing! I will email him as soon I can get my thoughts together.
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He is so annoying. I am from seattle and can't stand him most of the time. His whole thing is just to make annoying assanine comments on issues of the day.
Oooh, I'm ashamed he's from Seattle. There's a ton of nursing moms here. I sent him this:

Ken, that was a very stereotypical anti-breastfeeding rant, full of the same old tired cliches that nursing mothers have had to tolerate again and again.

"Pop it out"? Equating breastfeeding with urinating? Can't think of breasts of anything but sexual? Yawn. Heard it. The ignorance is obvious - you don't know ANY nursing mothers personally. Would you like to meet one? I'd be happy to educate you on the subject.
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What an ignorant KAK!!!!!

You have got to be kidding me.. this guy should not be able to have any sort of ignorance printed!
OH how TERRIBLE!!!! I regularly watch KOMO news too!!! I see him all the time doing his little tirates. Sometimes I agree with him, but I was shocked to see him say this. He should be ashamed of himself.
Here is my letter:

Comparing breastfeeding a baby to urinating in public is absolutely ridiculous. The only think you can rationally compare it to is other ways of eating. If a baby can be bottle fed, a baby should be able to be breastfed. Why should a baby go hungry or be forced to eat under a blanket just because a couple of men can't stop themselves from staring at a breast? If you click on the link to my blog below you will see photos from the nurse in. None of us were going out of our way to be "discreet" or "modest," yet there is nary a boob in sight. You know what I think the real issue is? People like you are unable to differentiate the difference between breastfeeding and sex. A baby nursing at the breast is not dirty, nor is it something to be hidden, nor is it comparable to defacting, urinating, fornicating, or vomiting. It is comparable to eating. Period.
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He sounds like a jackass, but love the anchor at the end who tells him to "Get over it, ya idiot."
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Hes so disgusting, here is what I sent him...

Hi Ken

Sorry if I embarrass you with my breasts, but I did manage to "pop them out" to feed my baby. That's what breasts were given to women for- not for you to stare at them and for society to use them as sexual objects. You may have seen me many times nursing my child. Its the most natural thing in this world and the most important thing a mother can do for her child. I have nursed in public so many times I have lost count. I had so many people tell me (including on an airplane) that my child is such a lovely, beautiful child and so quiet! Why- because that child was feeding off her mother and not one person even noticed it.
I was very modest in caring for my child. But I never covered her up, went into the bathroom etc since I just acted like it was the most natural thing to do- which it is. By the way would you have your meal in the bathroom next to the guy urinating in a glass? That comparison is so disgusting, I can see why you are the subject of a few discussions on the boards here & there. Use this as a rule- when/where its appropriate to bottle feed a baby its also appropriate to breast feed a baby as well. I'm sure if a woman just walked up to you and popped her breasts out, you would find that fasinatiing or what was the word- enlightening? But why if the breast is attached to a baby is it so offensive?

Amy _____
Chicago area
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I couldn't resist. Here is mine:

Hi Ken,

You work in an industry that is wholly supported by advertising revenue. A large percentage of those ads feature attractive women and their enhanced bustlines.

I am here to illuminate you: When I feed my baby in public, which I do without hesitation if he is hungry, you would really have to be staring to catch much of a glimpse of my ta-tas. Why don't you focus your rant on breast flesh that is truly offensive, such as that exposed in prime time by the Coors Twins? Of course, buxom bimbos pay your bills and nursing mothers don't, so we're an easier target.

It really isn't nice to mess with mamas who are giving babies the best food on earth.

Regards from New England,
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This man's comments drive me insane! How ignorant!
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