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Whose baby do I have?

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Dd (27 months) is normally very adaptable, agreeable and communicative. She is a sunny girl! She volunteers to go for naps and sleeps soundly.

Monday though, someone switched my baby. She has been screaming, which we've never heard before, and won't eat.

She had a fever Sunday and Monday, up around 103 at times but responded to tylenol.

Monday and Tuesday night were awful, I think the longest she slept was 45 minutes!

I think she's teething as there is copious amounts of drool, but can this cause such a change in behaviour? I'm starting to worry.


edited to add: I started to worry on Sunday. My poor girlie; this is breaking my heart.
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If she's cutting molars, this could cause the pope to be a bear! DS went from my 'little happy man' to GHENGIS KHAN (sp?) overnight, and then back to his sweet, angelic self within two days when cutting his eye teeth and molars. You could see the white of the tooth thru his gums for THREE WHOLE days before they finally broke thru. That's gotta make anyone cranky!

I hope your sweetie is back to her old self soon, and it's 'only' teething making her unhappy.
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Oh, she is just that cranky. I was so happy to hear you say that. She is never upset like this so dh and I are beside ourselves. She has three molars to go, none of her other teeth bothered her like this! She has never gotten red cheeks or swollen gums, and even now she'll let me see her mouth to check. I can't tell what I'm looking at though. I *think* there's another one back there.

I'm going to take her to our dr tonight just to be sure.

No sleep in two days doesn't help her hormonal mom. She is asleep now, so I hope that will do her some good.

Thanks so much for your kind words. I'm such a mess myself
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It really blows to see them upset doesn't it? I think the mama's suffer more than the babes sometimes. Silly to say, when they're the one's in pain, I know
, but they're our BABIES! How can we not be upset?? I hope your Doc can offer you some reassurance. I'd love to know how you both make out.

Take care of yourself and your sweetie, mama.

P.S. My DS always had (and still does get) a sore bum when he's teething. Not a rash, just red and sore looking....
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I will let you know how it turns out. I hope there's nothing else amiss.

You are so right; it's hard to see our babes upset. My big baby (dh) is upset too

Thanks pumpkinhead

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You might also consider the possibility of an ear infection. I've been surprised by them before. Your pediatrician might be willing to schedule a quick visit just to peek in the ears...
We saw our dr., and apparently she has a pretty bad sore throat and one of her ears is loaded with wax.

So that is a relief, at least it's something!

She was so good for him, he is so good with her too. Her eyes got big as he told her he would be looking for kittens in her ears

Thanks guys!

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Aw, good! So she's on the mend then? You did the right thing by taking her to your Dr. See? Mamma's do know best!

To you and your babes!

P.S. Am I misreading your sig? You're expecting this Feb 04 or you just had another Feb 03? I blame the miscomprehension on the 'Mummie Dummies'
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Ha ha! Expecting 2004! Thank you for pointing that out. Mummie dummies for sure.

She does seem better today, I hope tonight goes a little better for her. She at a good supper, went to sleep peacefully. I think I'll bunk in with her just to be sure.

Thanks for your support mama!
Well, then I don't feel silly saying CONGRATS on your babe to be!

Glad to hear your munchkin is feeling better!

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