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What is an Irish girl to do
with all the words that rhym with poo
you'd think it'd be clear
to limerick round here
but all that I see is haiku

NEED this diaper for my stash
Gonna cost me tons of cash
Time's short on ebay
Auction ending today
"Please, please computer don't crash"

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oops! double posty toasty, please don't roast-me!

My poor old house is never clean.
My laundry thinks that I'm mean.
Ya' know they're just jealous
Because I'm so zealous
'bout keeping my diapers pristine.


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On limericks I do agree
I think I will write two or three
For Clara's in bed
With a prefold under her head
For teething has caused drool to be

So surfing I do myself find
For covers of the woolen kind
But my budget is cheap
Which won't allow for sheep
And fleece gives her bubble-behind

So bumpys I suppose it will be
And while I'm there I'll get three
Would someone please tell
Of a great sale
That allows me shipping for free


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Those are great! :LOL

I don't know the syallable count
I probably don't have the right amount
but Limmerick I'll try
and I'll tell you why
because there's no reason I can't

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You mamas crack me up! :LOL

Let me see if I can come up with one:

There once was a woman named Kathleen
Her fuz stash made the hyenas green
They all drooled and drooled
And said Kathleen ruled
The land of the pure Fuz hyena

Oh well, I tried.
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