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Why am I bleeding? (TMI)

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My baby will be 12 weeks on Monday and I'm bleeding...again. I don't know if this is "spotting" and is normal or if my period is returning.

I had my pap test done at 6 weeks and I spotted (mostly at night) until 8 weeks. Then it went away and now it's back. I noticed it this morning. I don't have to wear a pad or liner, it's only there when I wipe, but it's more than a streak.

What's up with this? My baby is EBF. With my other two kids my period did not return til closer to 14 months post partum. BFing has always been great natural birth control for me, now I'm worried.

Any help?
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I got my period back at 3 months too. Some of us are just lucky that way
It may come and go, as mine did. But, if you don't want another baby soon, don't forget to use birth control!
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Could be your period... sorry
Sometimes moms get it back early, even if they didn't the first time, even if they are nursing round the clock!
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I have read that breakthrough bleeding/spotting can occur in exclusively breastfeeding women. I had the issue until almost 4 months pp. I have yet to have PPAF and DS is almost 15 months. I even had an exam and u/s done at 12 weeks PP enure that all was well.

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