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Why are parents so difficult??

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My mom, bless her heart, is the mother of 8 children. I suppose she would have some ideas and advice to give me during this pregnancy.... And boy does she. It's been 8 years since the last time she was pregnant... I refuse to wear the pants that cover my belly all the way... she keeps insisting that I wear them because the other ones are not confortable. Excuse me? Yeah I'm the one wearing the pants... I should get to say whats confortable for me... am I right? She keeps telling me that my pants are going to just fall off one day... She wont let it go... Those pants are NOT confortable to me. They make my belly itch and I dont like it... The other ones are doing JUST FINE. (the maternity pants that are low rise) I know this is something stupid to most but she's driving me crazy about it... Just let me wear what I want to wear... Why must she ALWAYS have a say so? If my pants aren't bad enough, all my shirts are too tight or too low.. err... Someone please give me some advice.. I'm trying to be nice but she is getting on my last nerve..
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Honestly, the only advice is to ignore her. Sometimes it's all you can do with family. Or just say "oh, thanks I'll consider that" and move on.
I agree.the underbelly pants are so much more comfortable for me. Anything that has full coverage is icky!
If it were me and my mom kept saying things, I would have to come up with a snarky but gentle reply, I wouldn't be able to help it. Of course, this suggestion could be based on the fact that I've been cranky the past few days....maybe chiromama is right to take the high road.

Since I know the mamas here are great at the fine art of snarkery, perhaps we can all brainstorm a good comeback for you that won't offend her horribly, but will get your point across?

Basically, that you're a big girl and you can make your own clothing choices.

FTR, I love the big belly pouch - the under belly ones do always feel like they're sliding down on me, but the pouch ones I have feel like they give me a bit of much needed support - BUT, hey, it's your stomach - wear whatever the heck pants you want!!

I'll be thinking of something and if I come up with anything good, I'll come back and post it - in the meantime, you have my sympathies.

How about: "Last I knew mom, this was America, the land of the free, and there was no officially mandated maternity wear?" Nah, maybe too snarky. Ladies, help us out here!
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Honestly! She has nothing better to do than pick at your pant preference?!

Tell her that you're the one who 'wears the pants' in the pregnancy, so you'll get the final say, and you don't want to hear another word about it. Oy!
Have her try them on!! When I was about 8 weeks along, I got thick in the middle and moved to under the belly pants and they were so comfortable. And they have pockets in the front. Love that about them. Plus I feel like they give me support under the belly. I find that I waddle less when I wear them vs. the full panel. They seem to pull my belly down.

Ask her to try them on, see if she can at least agree that they are comfy. And then ask her if she's ever worn them through any of her pregnancies. I don't remember seeing them with my first 2. And that was less than 8 years ago.

Or you could just kiss her on the cheek and say, "thanks for your input, but I really like these pants".
Maybe you could take her shopping with you to a maternity store to show her that wearing tents is not the preggo fashion of today. Plus who wants to look like your wearing a circus tent?
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