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Why can I feel my IUD?

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I got my Mirena IUD inserted 3 weeks ago and I am constantly aware of it. Usually it feels similar to having a tampon in, but sometimes I feel like I'm being poked by something sharp. Dh and I have only been intimate once since I got it in and I felt like something was rubbing/chafing against my cervix the entire time(sorry--I know, TMI!). It was awful. Could this be the strings, maybe they need to be trimmed?
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I have a copper-T IUD and I can never find the srings, I get DH to check, he can usually feel them during sex, you could get them trimed, but not to short , with my first IUD the doc cut them to short an DH always got poked, but with this one they are longe rand he can feel it during sex, but it does not irritate him
I was pretty aware of my IUD the first few weeks it was in. It felt like there was something in my uterus, or that I was sort of cramping around it/getting used to it. But since then it has been fine. My cervix has never been bothered though, so you might want to find out about the strings. Also, can you feel the opening in your cervix? The first few cycles are when it is most likely to slip out of place, in which case you might be able to feel the plastic part coming out. That would be pretty unusual though, so most likely it is the strings.
Personally, I find that odd and I'd be calling the dr.

BUT for me, the Mirena I never felt. DH never felt it either during sex. I did check internally for the strings a number of times and only felt them a couple of those times (the OB cut them short, but not too short). The strings at first are hard and a bit course, but they soften up I've read. When I felt the strings (about 6-7 months after insertion), the tips were hard and poked my fingers.. I'm kind of surprised DH has never noticed them!
Thanks, I did end up going to my mw yesterday. She checked and found the IUD is where it should be and said she didn't want trim the strings anymore because they were already pretty short. She thought the pain might have been due to a lack of lubrication. Hopefully that's all.
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