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Why Can't DS Breastfeed in Peace??

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Okay... so I know that alot of times babies fuss at the breast for different reasons, my ds has done this as well. My question is.... why doesn't he nurse in peace every other time? It seems as if 8/10 of his feedings he is kicking the rocking chair (if he feels it on his little feet), pulling my nipple and looking around the room, sucking and letting go on and off without finishing, etc. For the past month I've had to go hide-away just so he can nurse properly, but it seems as if now this isn't even working. Any other 4 mo dc doing this? How do we get these wiggle worms to focus and eat? I hope this doesn't mean he's going to be the type to want to eat while running around the house
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Originally Posted by SabbathD
sounds like a distractible babe! Check out this link for more info....
WOW!! Thank you sooo much! That info. alone has cleared up every doubt and every concern I could possibly have!! This is exactly what I am experiencing!!

Congrats on your lil girl!!
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