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Why can't I pump anything???

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Hi! I'm a first time SAHM of my 8 month old DD. I'm happy to be able to say that she has never had a bottle before, just mommy milk straight from Mommy! But, there have been times in the past 8 months when I've tried to pump in order to get an emergancy stash for the freezer, but I can't seem to get any milk to come out. I have a hand pump and I can try to pump for 30 minutes and just get drops, then I'll put her to the breast and she's chuggin' almost instantly. I know I don't have supply issues, I've even dealt with too much milk at times. Well, now I need to have some dental cavities filled and they say I need to pump and dump...there's the problem. I'm planning on nursing her until she's at least 2, so I can't keep putting off my dental work. I have the opportunity to purchase a lightly used electric pump from a neighbor. She said she paid over $300 and I could have it for $100. My question, what is the liklihood that I'll be able to let down for that? Will it work better since it's electric? I'd just hate to spend the money and it not work, but it would be nice to be able to pump when needed. Just curious if any other mamas have been in this situation. Thanks!
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hi there. just want to offer support to a very frustrating situation!! i am on baby #3 and have no supply issues but have always had great difficulty pumping...i would give the electric one a try.....try nursing your babe on one side while pumping on the other....good luck!!!
I had a cavity filled and did not need to pump and dump. If I had taken the stuff to relax me the dentist said to not nurse for 24 hours... but I didn't take it so it was moot. What are they using on you, why are you told to pump and dump?

I could never get much with my hand pump. Avent ISIS. Hated that thing.

I did get more with an electric, but... for an "emergency stash?"

Truthfully a baby who is not used to bottles any way may not take a bottle. If there's a TRUE emergency - this is just my opinion - but formula to get her through the one feeding or one day is not going to kill her. I don't think you need to stress out over your lack of an emergency stash. I never had one with my son, he never had a bottle till he was 11 months or so. He wouldn't take one!

I'd hate to go to the expense and effort to get a pump and create a stash and then have the baby not take it anyway.

I would need more details on the cavity thing to comment more... are they removing old mercury? What exactly are they doing??

FWIW it is easier to let down with an electric, I think, because you can go hands free (using pony tail holders, directions are on kellymom) and sit back and relax... there is too much work and pressure involved with a manual. But is it really worth it... eh... I don't know.
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I would call a lactation consultant or a LLL leader to see if you really need to pump and dump. Because I doubt it. Sometimes people are overly cautious, and IMO that really hurts the whole breastfeeding movement because it makes breastfeeding harder than it should be, and if it's made that hard, more people choose not to do it. Which is a bit off topic, but it's a pet peeve. I had a medical issue and they wanted me to pump and dump for three days and feed formula if I had too. And I don't get much by the pump, so I have to think not nursing for three days would have killed my supply. I called a LC who looked up everything I was going to be given, and she said everything was VERY safe and I was FINE to nurse right after the procedure. It was frustrating to me that the doctor told me to pump and dump when it wasn't necessary. And why three days? That was just craziness. It wasn't that involved of a procedure.
I don't get any milk to speak of with a manual pump, and with an electric pump in 20 minutes I can get only about 3 oz total. It's weird! Because yeah, as soon as ds starts nursing he's getting milk. I must not get turned on by the machine or something.
But I have to say, the medela pump in style is really pretty awesome.
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I had my wisdom teeth pulled and didnt need to pump and dump. most likly you dont have to either.. they are probably telling you that because they are misinformed about what and how much gets to baby.

i would also say that I get much more from my electric then I do my manual... so i think it would be worth it if you need a pump. and dont feel bad there are moms who just dont respond to the pump well.
Just going to toss this idea out - you can rent a hospital grade pump for ~30 bucks a month - in most cases will work way better than any home pump - if you really want to pump for this period of time...

I have never pumped exclusively so I don't know how my total output pumping compares to total output nursing alone - I only ever pumped after feeding trying top build supply, and was never super impressed, but I had just nursed so... who knows. But I do think the hospital pump gives you more oomph, and even if you're dumping, I'd wonder if the few days of pumping and not nursing might make your supply dip - which you could build up again in a few more days BUT -

renting a hospital pump will be cheaper then buying a home use pump - and you know it will work well - of course you need to buy the stupid overpriced kit, too, but it will still be less money total.
Thank you all for your suggestions and comments. I'm going to go ahead and purchase the pump from my neighbor. It's a Pump and Style and it's barely been used for $ seems like worth a try. Oh, and thanks for the advice about probably not needing to pump and dump for dental work; that's great to hear!
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I have never needed to pump and dump from the various meds I take to dental work and full on knock out ops, I always make them aware that I am breastfeeding and they work around that!

As for not being able to express, first baby I had no problems, this baby I have no problems but baby number two, I couldn't pump an ounce even with an electric pump, lord knows why because I had major over supply with DD2, the only way I could get it out was through baby lol. Not that this is really helpful or anything!
I was the same way. Neither of my kids have ever had a bottle and I have no supply issues, but everytime I've ever tried to pump (I work very part time and thought it would be good to have some in the freezer just in case) I've never been able to get more than 1.5 oz. in 30 minutes. I've tried several times over the past 4 years and I have the Medela electric hospital grade pump. I think that some women just can't pump for some reason.
Yesterday I was pumping while reading a novel, and in 20 minutes, I only got 1.5oz. I went over to my computer and started flipping through all of my pictures of my daughter -- letdown came immediately and within the next few minutes I pumped another 2oz
I would have kept going, but she woke up and needed me!
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