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Why did you become a midwife/doula/birth educator

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I know NOT everybody feels like this with differing religious backgrounds represented here BUT are there Mama's who find this more of a spiritual calling as opposed to a matter of participating and doing something about the apathy in the world regarding childbirth choices?
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Spiritual?? yes, very much so.

But I'm not religious at the present time, so i can't comment on that aspect.

For me it's funny. It's a somewhat selfish act (as I *love* attending births, and feeling like I've done something for someone), something of an activist endeavor (as you mentioned, trying to combat the apathy, and also doing my part to fight classism, racism and ageism), and also something of a "good deed".

But I do feel like it is a spiritual calling for me. I'd do it for free (and I have), and I'd do it even if I didn't think it'd make an ounce of difference in anyone elses lives.

For what it's worth, the majority of my clientel are poor, single, homeless, teenage and/or women of color. I'm not even sure I've made my money back as far as what I've "invested" (money for supplies, gas, certification, etc).

lol, I'm not sure if this is really what you're asking, if not, feel free to verbally beat me over the head in the form of a rephrasing.


ETA: I've felt drawn to pregnant women since I was very young. yeah, yeah, babies are cute too, but something about pregnancy has really pulled me in. I've been "professionally" involved in pregnancy longer than I've been acutely aware of the apathy, abuse and misinformation that happens all the time, here and elsewhere.
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Kelly you've answered it beautifully. I think you have sensed the nature of my question very well.
my calling is based on my own experiences. I had two very mainstream birth experiences. A friend of mine recommended doula work to me so I started researching. I read my first book and have been hooked every since! I felt like I had been duped and I really want to help other women avoid this. Not only did I not know what questions to ask, I didn't even know I should be asking questions. I feel like I really relate to the typical mainstream woman so I feel like I can help them to make Informed Decisions (my favorite topic!). I now know that if I had all of the information I have now my birth experiences might have been very different. I just want to inform women that there are questions they need to ask, and they have the right to ask them!!

Originally Posted by CookieMonsterMommy
I've felt drawn to pregnant women since I was very young. yeah, yeah, babies are cute too, but something about pregnancy has really pulled me in.

But I've been aware of the abuse of women in birth and pregnancy and wanted to do something about it. I was watching births on PBS before I was 10 and all but 1 was the typical hospital birth of the 60's/70's.

I have a large family and someone was always pregnant or talking about birth in hushed tones (except for two hippie aunts, and I'm thankful for their input).

I'm also a Christian and that is what gives me the courage to follow through. I am not outspoken, courageous or even a good presenter. I have anxiety problems, I'm outrageouly uncomfortable and introverted BUT I have a peace and trust about birth and know I'm serving where I am needed.
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