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Why did you choose a pocket over an AIO?

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I pretty much started out with Fuzzibunz and prefolds. I liked Fuzzibunz for a long time, but got tired of stuffing. Then I started having problems with the fleece.

So now I've decided to go an AIO like Very Baby (ya all are going to get sick of me talking about these). I know they will take a little longer to dry, but I can deal with that.

I'm wondering why some of you choose pockets over AIOs....
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i like to be able to customize the absorbency without snap-in or lay-in doublers. also, ds has to have all fleece inners (fleece liners aren't enough) or else he gets a wicked rash. so for now i've put away all my AIOs and fitteds for the next babe and am using only pockets for ds.
I have a heavywetter so I can stuff my FBs and I don't have to worry about any doublers shifting. I loved AIOs for the first year, but my ds turned into a heavywetter so FBs are just better for us
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I have a ragtag collection of all sorts of things BUT the pockets have been the best overnight thing for my supersoaker babe. I can double stuff it and leave it on all night and in the am- he is dry and never gets a rash with that wonderful microfleece!!
I only have a few pockets because I prefer AIO's too, but I like having some pockets so I have dipes that I can adjust the absorbancy in for naptime and night time.
I love pockets because they are trimmer, and they dry much quicker then aio's I have tried. Our dryer isn't very efficient and it take two hours for one load to dry, but with pockets I can get them dry in one cycle.
Quick drying time for pockets. Even if you have a quick dry AIO, the doublers sometimes shift.
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